19 Jun 2015

Sony + RedShark: Film making on the move - Webinar now available on-demand Featured

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How do you make sure you get the shot? The live webinar that went out last week is now available for viewing on demand

 Last week we all gathered at Sony's amazing studio and showroom facility at Pinewood Studios, which is about 20 miles west of London, and effectively on the Moon if you want to get there by public transport. In between the famous sound stages, nestleing in the rafters and shoehorned into every irregular space, is a myriad of specialist companies ranging from post production to pyrotechnics; scenery to sourcery. Sony's place is, on the other hand, spacious and deeply fascinating, with every Sony professional camera model on display and ready to point at their studio set. And it was on that set that our hour-long Webinar took place.

The theme was "Capture it right, First time. Film-making on the move", and our guests, Russ Malkin and Olly Lambert have extensive experience of getting the right shot in unbelieveably difficult, diverse and harsh circumstances. Russ has been shadowing Joss Stone during her incredibly ambitious tour of 200 countries, while Olly spends around half of his time in "hazardous" places like Syria and Afganistan. If anoyone knows how to get the shot, these two guys do.

Watch the whole show here. We can't embed the video so this will take you to Sony's Webinar page.

David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020. 

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