01 Aug 2014

Blackmagic’s ATEM Camera Control allows live colour grading

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This is only the start... This is only the start... Blackmagic Design


Blackmagic Design's ATEM Switchers Update 6.0 is a free update available with immediate effect and adds support for controlling cameras from ATEM production switchers via the SDI connection with the camera, all of which could lead to some rather cool work.

This is exactly the sort of functionality that was previously corralled to the high end that Blackmagic has made something of a speciality of bringing down and within reach of those without the attendant high-end budgets to go with it. As a result, ATEM live production switchers can now control cameras via a new open standard protocol sent to the camera via the return program feed.

ATEM Camera Control is compatible with the new Blackmagic Studio Camera when running software update v1.8.2 or later. The camera can be controlled via a regular CCU style of control, or for some really creative work, the switcher operator also has access to lift, gamma and gain controls in full YRGB colorspace via the camera’s built-in DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector.

This sort of live production grading was pretty much science fiction only a few years ago, and will allow operators to match cameras for varying lighting levels on the prosaic level, or produce all manner of different looks and really push the live envelope on the other. And with the ability to control 20 cameras from the one unit, that’s a lot of potential creativity to be unleashed.

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