27 May 2014

Panasonic’s AJ-PX270: A Broadcast Camera in the Palm of Your Hand

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AJ-PX270 AJ-PX270 Panasonic/RedShark


 This is a very small camera, but - make no mistake - it's broadcast quality. Panasonic Guru Barry Braverman looks at it in detail

Given its versatile wide-range compensated optics, variable frame rates, and 10-bit 4:2:2 on-board recording Panasonic’s new AJ-PX270 camcorder reflects the fabulous new era of compact camcorders delivering very high performance; the PX270 model in particular being even lighter weight, more compact, and better performing in low-light, all of this in a camera that can be slipped easily into a small sack and carried aboard airplanes, across international borders, and through public places without attracting a scintilla of notice or an askew glance.

A mere 2.2 kg

The PX270 weighing a mere 2.2 kg bears Panasonic's prestigious AJ broadcast prefix and is in fact the company’s first P2 camera to support AVC-ULTRA recording at 200 Mbps. This level of performance available with a paid upgrade - grr! - is enabled by the new and faster P2 media, including the microP2 card, which at speeds approaching 2.0 Gbps throughput allows for capturing truly remarkable images, even if one has to pay a little extra for the highest bitrate capability.


Alfred in field w/270

Recording to P2 AVC-ULTRA at up to 200Mbps 10-bits 4:2:2 the AJ-PX270 continues the Panasonic push to high-power more compact camcorders. The new model reflects a 12% reduction in weight and size compared to the HPX250/255.


Camera left side


Zoom Rocker

The PX270 features a new 1/3-type 3-MOS sensor and 22x macro zoom.  The result is lower noise apparent in low light and improved onboard compensation for common lens artifacts like chromatic aberrations, barrel distortion, and tracking discrepancies. The mechanical function of the new camera is also improved, especially the zoom rocker control which is much smoother engaging than previous models.


MicroP2 card in camera

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Barry Braverman

Barry Braverman is a cinematographer with over thirty years experience in television documentaries and feature films.  His credits include Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012), THE DARJEELING LIMITED (2007), as well as National Geographic TV Specials, HBO ‘First Look’ and CBS News Sunday Morning.  Braverman is a member of Hollywood’s cinematographer guild and regularly conducts multi-day camera and video storytelling workshops around the world, most recently in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. As an author his new book VIDEO SHOOTER 3rd Edition (2013) from Focal Press will explore the art of video storytelling with the latest 2D and 3D cameras.

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