23 Apr 2019

8K in London - Special event looks at 8K, storage and workflows

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Editshare 8K and 4K workflow event Editshare 8K and 4K workflow event Editshare

Good news if you're into high resolution: RedShark has partnered with EditShare and Jigsaw24 to bring you an evening of discussion and demonstration focused on 4K and 8K Workflows. There'll be pizza, too! It's on Thursday, 25th April

4K workflows are becoming increasingly common, and with Japanese broadcaster NHK launching its first 8K channel, the day when you’ll be asked to support 8K all through your pipeline is approaching.

We’ve partnered with EditShare and Jigsaw24 to put together an overview of the best available tech for high-resolution workflows, and to investigate how you can keep control of the costs associated with high bandwidth workflows. It’s also a great chance to get hands on with the asset management tools that’ll help you keep those huge files in order, and pick our team’s brains about which infrastructure to use, to meet 4K delivery specs (you don't have to deliver in 8K to benefit from its higher resolution). 

There’ll also be pizza, but it will only be available in HD.

The event starts at 5:50 pm on Thursday, 25th April, so it's easy to drop in after work!

As always the event is free, but you’ll need to drop your details in the form below to save your place.


David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020. 

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