08 Apr 2018

Avid’s Brave New World

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Avid’s Brave New World Avid


Avid’s been through a tough year, with an unexpected change of CEO. But that hasn’t stopped the pace of development. We report from the Avid NAB Press Conference.

Avid’s press conference is vast, brash and booming. In with the press was a very large part of the Avid Customer Association, which added whooping and cheering to the generally noisy and enthusiastic reaction to the presentation.

With so many announcements, it’s virtually impossible to cover them all, and indeed there were few that would be true headline items. That’s not to say that the dozens of product improvements aren’t important to existing users.

Here’s a small selection of what we learned. For more, we suggest Avid’s website.

The show was different this year. Celebratory and loud though it was, there was a distinct lack of the hubris that could be said to have afflicted presentations in previous years. There’s a new CEO, industry insider Jeff Rosica. He gave a very strong performance in front of a vast crowd: confident, engaging and warm. This does bode well for Avid’s future.


There’s a huge trend towards interconnectedness, which is achieved through the cloud. Consistent with this, applications are now no longer monolithic software packages that you keep on bookshelves but subscription based products, updated incrementally.

Adding Sibelius | First to the family of Avid’s free, entry-level but still usefully functional apps, there is now a consistent structure to Avid’s flagship content creation family.

For video makers, there’s Media Composer | First. Next up the scale is Media composer, which is now available at a lower subscription price of $20 dollars per month. For power users, high-end facilities, etc, there’s Media Composer | Ultimate, which throws everything in: it includes every high-end feature including Project Sharing and Shared Storage Management.

We did hear at one point that Media Composer would support 16k resolutions. We’re not sure how or when but it is certainly interesting to hear this resolution talked about in the open!

New mobile app

A curious development is a major new mobile app - Avid Connect - that provides a “centralised “one-stop” experience for artists to find, connect and collaborate with each other on any laptop, iOS or Android device”.

With a change of CEO, and an often repeated assertion that Avid is listening to its customers, this may be a new start for the company that has been at the core of video and film production for a quarter of a century.

Which makes us very eager to see what it has achieved by this time next year.

Go to the next page to see the full Avid press release. Visit the Avid website.

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