09 Aug 2017

PolarPro expands video lens flare library with Helios

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The new PolarPro Helios Cinematic Light Effects The new PolarPro Helios Cinematic Light Effects PolarPro


With the seemingly insatiable demand for effects such as lens flares, PolarPro has expanded its library of video editing solutions with a new Helios Cinematic Light Effects filter pack.

It seems that video editors cannot get enough of lens flares these days. It is a sign of how we can become bored with perfection that we now often introduce imperfection into our edits, adding in such things as film grain, distortion effects, and lens flares.

There are of course many lighting effects packs available from differing companies, but not all are as competitively priced as the new Helios Cinematic Light Effects from PolarPro.

PolarPro is a company that is mainly known for producing accessories and lens filters for GoPro cameras and DJI drones. As a group of outdoor adventurers themselves, the founders of the company try to find solutions to real world issues that occur when using the latest range of compact action cameras and drones.

Some of their more interesting products include a neat, compact GoPro dome that allows photos and video of half underwater, half above water composition to be taken. Something that might otherwise require a bit of a DIY bodge to achieve.

The new Helios Cinematic Light Effects consists of 11 flare effects, eight organic light leaks, and 13 light leads/transitions, all 4K compatible, and optimised for the lens profiles of the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series of drones.

PolarPro is allowing potential users to download a free HD version of the pack so that they can trial them. The full 4K and 2.7K versions are priced at $29.99.

Full press release follows after the break.

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