27 Jul 2016

Blackmagic's Fusion 8.2 coming to Linux in both free and paid versions

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Blackmagic Fusion 8.2 adds full native Linux support. Blackmagic Fusion 8.2 adds full native Linux support. Blackmagic / RedShark News


Blackmagic has announced that Fusion 8.2 has arrived for the Linux platform, following the same tiered pricing model as the company's other film creativity and productivity software.

Linux users or, at least, those that use visual effects software, have real reason to rejoice today, as Blackmagic has finally graced the Linux platform with Fusion 8.2, the latest version of its popular VFX application. And, best of all, much like the colour grading and editing dynamo Davinci Resolve, Fusion comes to Linux in paid and free versions.

Multi-platform support

While, admittedly, most post houses and environments likely employ either Mac OSX or Windows platforms (and, more often than not, both), there are still a good number of Linux VFX workstations out there. Full native support of Linux means that Fusion finally supports workflows across all three major computing platforms, opening the door for multi-platform workflows that leverage the features and power of Fusion.

Free or not

Again, Fusion and its node-based VFX system come in two varieties, the same for Linux as the other platforms. The paid version, dubbed Fusion Studio, has all the available bells and whistles for $995. The free version, Fusion 8, retains much of the Studio's functionality, but loses advanced optical flow image analysis tools for stereoscopic 3D work, retiming and stabilisation, as well as support for third-party OpenFX plugins, network rendering and collaborative tools for teams.

For more info on Fusion for Linux, check out the press release on Page Two!

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