20 Jun 2013

REDRAY is here. RED's 4K cinema player is shipping

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REDRAY is shipping REDRAY is shipping RED/Redshark

REDRAY, RED's 4K player, is real, and it's just started shipping

We've been covering RED's REDRAY player since last december when it was first announced, along with the ODEMAX content delivery system. Since then, we've asked RED when it would be ready and they've declined to give any details.

But now it appears that it is shipping. RED forum users have reported that quite unexpectedly their pre-ordered units have been arriving.

This product continues to intrigue us

Initial reports are good, and this product continues to intrigue us. There's no doubt that this is a high quality unit: it's well-made and we saw it in action at NAB this year, powering some awesome 4K TVs from various vendors.

Here's our original full report on the REDRAY and ODEMAX

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