09 Dec 2015

Goodbye to SDI? We talk to the President and CTO of NewTek about its groundbreaking Video-Over-IP protocol, NDI.

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One of the best things we’ve seen this year is NDI, NewTek’s new protocol for sending live production-quality video over an IP network. If you’re not into network technology, don’t be put off, because the concept is really remarkably simple.

Imagine being able to put several video signals down the same cable, and “unmixing” them at the other end. What if you could have access to every video source in a facility (or further afield) simultaneously. And what if, instead of having to use expensive (unidirectional) SDI connections, you could just use an existing network?

All in real time and in production quality.

We genuinely think this is revolutionary and that it is the beginning of a massive trend towards networking video in live production.

Here’s our interview with the chief designer of the new protocol, Dr Andrew Cross, President and CTO of NewTek.

David Shapton

David Shapton was the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications from 2012 to 2020. 

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