12 Mar 2014

Independent and world film distribution finds a new model

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 A Brisbane-based Over The Top (OTT - ie delivered by internet) film service has found a formula for distributing independent and world cinema that satisfies both viewers and copyright holders. They tell their own story here.

A digital distribution platform specialising in Independent and World Cinema, Screen Showcase is essentially a designated OTT service for cinema lovers. Available as an application on iOS, Android, PC or Mac; Screen Showcase is like having exclusive tickets to your very own film festival. It is focused on bringing users a fantastic catalogue of truly great world cinema.

The app offers convenient access to films that are hard to find or may have only had a limited run in on screens or in the festival circuit - from classic films like the Academy Award nominated The Battle of Algiers to modern gems like the AACTA Award nominated I Am A Girl. 

What sets Screen Showcase apart from other digital distribution services is its ability to allow Users to legally download and watch films offline on Android, PC and Mac. Screen Showcase protect digital content with Adobe Access and The Media Architect’s e.v.e platform which allows them greater access to Distributors who know that content broadcast through Screen Showcase is secure and digitally rights managed.

Screen Showcase is owned and operated by The Media Architects (TMA) in Brisbane, who have been developing OTT applications for small and medium enterprise customers for the last 5 years. Examples of applications TMA developed include AACTA TV for the Australian Film Institute and APSA VIEW for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. While working with clients like AACTA and APSA, TMA had the privilege of distributing some wonderful films from all across the Asia Pacific region. However, the audience for both of these apps was always closed to the general public so no one outside the Academies could see them. TMA created Screen Showcase as a public-facing application so that they could build on relationships they had established with local and international distributors which allows them to securely broadcast their digital content to an Australian and New Zealand audience.





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