03 Oct 2017

Frame.io raises another $20m - will build Machine Learning into software

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New funding will allow Frame.io to considerably expand its capabilities New funding will allow Frame.io to considerably expand its capabilities Frame.io


New York-based Video Review and Collaboration company will spend the funds on incorporating new technology including AI into future products. By Nicole Caetano. 

What do you do if you need to point out a issue in the top right-hand corner of the 4875th frame of a video?

You either send a long email including timecode and possibly a frame grab from an NLE and an arrow you’ve inserted in Photoshop - or you can use a service like Frame.io, that lets you review the video frame-by-frame, allowing you to draw on the images if necessary.

More and more people involved in video production are receiving emails containing Frame.io players. It’s a really effective way to get feedback on video that’s in production.

In essence, Frame.io takes everything that’s bad about email for video review, and makes it good.

Building on its momentum over the past year, the NYC-based company has just raised another $20m in Series B funding, led by FirstMark Capital, and bringing their total funding to $32M.

Frame.io intends to use the money to double-down on cloud services and infrastructure, as well as new technologies like Machine Learning.

AI and Machine Learning are suddenly at the top of many media management companies priorities as the ability to search using image matching and voice recognition is becoming a reality.

The new funds will also allow Frame.io to recruit new developers. The company’s head-count doubled last year.

You can read the full press release on the next page.

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