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RedShark News Staff

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Pond5’s new collection is an exclusive new way for RED camera owners to contribute their footage to a premium stock footage library.

Enter now and you could win $2,500 worth of filmmaking goodies!

The 5th episode of RedShark Live has been unleashed to the world today (16th August). Check out the link below to watch it. 

Creating the perfect stock footage [sponsored]

Published in Production

What are the magic ingredients that make the perfect shot?

Shooting stock footage is all about getting additional revenue for your business. Here are some tips for making stock video while minimising the expense.

Dark and edgy cinematography in Showreel of the Week

Published in Production

This week's featured showreel focusses on award winning DP Josh Woo.

G-Technology's rugged little SSD promises blazing fast speeds, and the ability to take on the elements. Bas Goossens takes one for a spin.

The brand new range of cinematography lenses from ZEISS are the most emotionally intelligent lenses from the German precision optics company. And that means images that filmmakers and audiences will love. 

Follow YouTube filmmaker Stéphane Couchoud on a shoot as he takes us through the most compelling features of the Sony FS5.

EditShare Flow now supports third party storage

Published in Production

Lightworks developer EditShare has updated its Flow asset management software to run with third party storage, as well as announcing an easy to use NLE with Flow Story.

This newly updated, and highly useful chart, illustrates all major camera sensors side-by-side.

A amazing virtual tour of the Moon by NASA Goddard shows the Moon in a context rarely seen.

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