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The popular collaborative media review service just opened up its API to the public enabling integration with thousands of apps.

Recently DP Phil Holland drew our attention to this comparison between the and Arri's LF ALEXA. It's a comparison that is not the basis of a discussion about which one is better, but rather to demonstrate the differences you might expect to see when working with them, as well as offering information for DPs who may find themselves working with one or the other.

The new Fujinon lenses are all set for the full-frame age with a hugely versatile coverage of the most used focal lengths. By Mart Goossens

Atomos continues to develop its range of monitors to cater for a wider variety of users with the . By James Richings

Music Rocks Your Videos: Here’s How it’s Done

So you need to fly to a shoot. How do you pack your gear?

Published in Production

Bas Goossens takes us through his packing method for flying overseas with enough video equipment for effective shooting as a one man band.

The G-Speed Shuttle EV is a 4-bay RAID storage system designed for the rigours of video editing and storage. Here's our video review.

SURVEY NOW FINISHED! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART. We’re looking for professional videographers who are based in Europe, the US, and Canada who are willing to share their opinions and give us feedback about their video shooting experiences. *For qualifying camera owners.

"Stand!" is a major feature film musical due for release this year, and it was shot on Blackmagic Design cameras. This is an insight into the production and DP Roy Wagner ASC's experience using the on such a project. By Lieve Claessens

What's the difference between log modes and HDR?

Published in Production

It's easy to get confused between HDR and log. Here's a guide to how they differ and what it means for your production.

Recording audio well is all about the details [Sponsored]

Published in Audio

Get a few things right and it can make all the difference to your audio recordings

No sooner have we hit January than the tech news is starting to flood in. This time it's Nokia which is seemingly stealing a march on its rivals to establish its new Nokia 9 PureView smartphone as a device that will be making waves. By RedShark Reporter James Richings

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