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Pond5 integrates into Adobe Premiere Pro

Published in Production

With integration with leading NLEs a win-win for both sides, Pond5 has released a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that makes its stock footage library seamlessly available from within the UI.

Panasonic updates VariCams with new features

Published in Production

Panasonic has uploaded some free firmware upgrades for the VariCam 35, HS, LT, and Pure cinema cameras that add several interesting new features and added functions.

Extracting still frames from 8K video is - in a sense - the ultimate in still photography. Here's a videofrom  Vincent Laforet, a master of both arts, showing just how good this new technique is going to be. 

No matter the type of video you’re working on, there’s one tool that’s guaranteed to heighten your project’s impact: music. After all, there’s nothing quite as powerful as the pairing of the right track with the right footage.

We first saw this when it launched last week and, after a decent period of reflection and meditation, have decided we really *really* want one. All we need now is $1499.

Want to know how Canon's Dual Pixel Autofocus works?

Published in Production

If you do, then Canon USA has a video for you that shows how autofocus went from 'the function that shall not be named' among professional cinematographers to a cutting edge tool that can really deliver.

Microsoft claims that its new Xbox One X console is the most powerful console ever. Can its native 4K games and onboard 4K Blu-ray player, provide the spark to really light the domestic 4K touchpaper this year? 

Newtek’s IP-Series production system was used by the UK’s Digital Tree Media when it was charged to run the Minecraft Zone at last year’s Insomnia 60.

Should AR really stand for Apple Reality?

Published in VR & AR

After Apple announced a developer’s kit for Augmented Reality at WWDC 17, is the inflection point for AR/VR now within sight? Or is mass market AR and VR beyond even Cupertino's famous reality distortion field?

Away from the major tradeshow cycle, there are any number of smaller events that have grabbed themselves deserved places on the calendar and offer something a bit more niche and perhaps a bit more special too. New York's Sight, Sound & Story this weekend is one of them.

First Canon EOS C200 footage surfaces

Published in Production

As far as we can tell, this footage shot in Helsinki in May was the first Canon C200 footage posted on the web.

Garmin’s new VIBR 360 is a tech junkie’s dream

Published in Production

If you’re going to make a splash in the burgeoning 360-video camera field, one way of doing so is packing in bleeding-edge specs. That’s what Garmin has done with the VIRB 360, a camera that at a bare minimum captures spherical video up to 5.7K and at 30 frames per second and takes 15-megapixel stills.

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