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Shooting The Expanse on Cooke 5/i Primes

Published in Production

We don’t often feature manufacturer-supplied case studies on this site, but given the collision of two of our favourite subject matters — compelling small screen science-fiction and lenses — this one made the cut. Read on.

How to set up the Syrp Genie and Genie Mini [video]

Published in Tutorials

We're kicking off a new series of mini video tutorials with this one on how to set up the compact Syrp Genie and Genie Mini motion controllers with your camera.

Music playlists for video editors [sponsored]

Published in Audio

Music for Video Editors: PremiumBeat’s Top 10 Playlists from 2017

Take the look of your work to a whole new level by incorporating Motion Graphics templates into your projects.

AI has arrived in stock video. It turbo-charges your ability to find exactly the footage you need.

Sight, Sound & Story: The Art of Cinematography

Published in Production

Major cinematography event in New York City - December 6th 2017

More video is being produced and distributed than ever before. In this new media landscape, speed has become critical for media businesses looking to survive and prosper in today’s insatiable market for video content.

Users of CFast 2.0 cards will have more choice and faster speeds thanks to Sony.

Have you discovered RocketStock yet? If you create video content of any kind, it’s time you checked them out! Their video effects packs are a great way to give your work an instant hit of professional style. And with easy drag-and-drop functionality, they’re a perfect match for content creators of all skill levels too.

Using Stock footage can improve the look of your work - and your bottom line.

High quality stock footage routinely transforms video productions. It expands filmmakers’ horizons and can make a film look like it was produced with a much bigger budget.

Vimeo pushes HDR and 8K in latest update

Published in Technology & Computing

8K and HDR are set to be on an exponential rise as Vimeo's latest update shows.

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