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Need to make a voiceover, or even a podcast? Then you’ll need to get audio onto a computer. Here’s what you need to know.

Even though monitors can look pretty much the same (they’re mostly black or grey rectangles), there are huge differences between them. Some screens are specifically designed for video makers, which is great news for editors and colorists.

What were the best things at NAB 2019?

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It's time for our third video roundup of NAB 2019, and this time Dave and Bas talk about what they found most interesting at the show. But first, Dave needs to employ a translator.

There are some incredible developments happening in video right now as we release our second video roundup of NAB 2019. But first Dave and Bas have to decide on what they want for dinner.

Teradek shows off its new 4K gear at NAB 2019

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Teradek's range of wireless video systems just got a major update at NAB with brand new 4K versions abound. We caught up with the company at NAB 2019 to talk about the capabilities of the new gear.

The Arri ALEXA Mini LF is undoubtedly one of the hottest tickets right now at NAB 2019. We took to the Arri stand and got the full lowdown about the camera that everyone at the show is talking about.

NAB 2019 has been a torrent of new announcements. Dave and Bas discuss the first day of the show and try to make sense of it all. But first they need to decide who's going to do the video introduction!

The brand new has caused a bit of a stir in the production community. We caught up with Atomos CEO Jeromy Young to get the full lowdown on just what this new monitor/recorder is capable of.

The popular collaborative media review service just opened up its API to the public enabling integration with thousands of apps.

Recently DP Phil Holland drew our attention to this comparison between the and Arri's LF ALEXA. It's a comparison that is not the basis of a discussion about which one is better, but rather to demonstrate the differences you might expect to see when working with them, as well as offering information for DPs who may find themselves working with one or the other.

The new Fujinon lenses are all set for the full-frame age with a hugely versatile coverage of the most used focal lengths. By Mart Goossens

Atomos continues to develop its range of monitors to cater for a wider variety of users with the . By James Richings

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