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Occasionally we like to mention shows that might have escaped your awareness. This looks like a good one. It's After Effects World, in Seattle, July 26 - 28

RED has announced a new based on the company's GEMINI sensor, giving shooters a complete system for a wide variety of circumstances.

HDR is everywhere. But where do you start? [Sponsored]

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HDR is the biggest advance in video since color TV. Everyone can use it now, and perhaps everyone should.

If anyone was still doubting Apple's commitment to professionals, those doubts must surely have been extinguished after todays big unveil of the 2019 Mac Pro.

Sony turns the VENICE into a high frame rate beast

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Following on from last years firmware update, at this years Cinegear Sony has decided to show us just what the VENICE is really capable of with version 5.0 firmware.

Panavision is gearing up for Cinegear 2019 with a few teasers for new features for its MONSTRO powered 8K Millennium DXL2 camera system.

Stand by for some big news later today

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We can't tell you anything specific right now, but you'll want to return here later today when we'll have a big new announcement for you!

Need to make a voiceover, or even a podcast? Then you’ll need to get audio onto a computer. Here’s what you need to know.

Even though monitors can look pretty much the same (they’re mostly black or grey rectangles), there are huge differences between them. Some screens are specifically designed for video makers, which is great news for editors and colorists.

What were the best things at NAB 2019?

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It's time for our third video roundup of NAB 2019, and this time Dave and Bas talk about what they found most interesting at the show. But first, Dave needs to employ a translator.

There are some incredible developments happening in video right now as we release our second video roundup of NAB 2019. But first Dave and Bas have to decide on what they want for dinner.

Teradek shows off its new 4K gear at NAB 2019

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Teradek's range of wireless video systems just got a major update at NAB with brand new 4K versions abound. We caught up with the company at NAB 2019 to talk about the capabilities of the new gear.

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