Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham is the Editor of RedShark News, a professional cameraman and video producer of 20 odd years. With a background in indy feature making, he has been writing camera reviews and tech articles for as long as he can remember. When he isn't producing bread and butter corporate videos he can be found hucking the gnar on rivers whitewater kayaking and adventure sports filming.

What exactly do we mean by a ‘good picture’?

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When we talk about good picture quality we like to think we know what it consists of. You might mention resolution, or dynamic range, or noise levels. And then there’s accurate colour rendition. But do those all really equal a good quality picture?

The Lumix S1 is one very talked about camera, and for good reason. Here's our in-depth look at it in the first of a two part review.

DJI’s new gimbal is aimed at the new generation of mirrorless cameras and places an emphasise on lightness and travel friendliness, along with some new user friendly features.

Just when you think Summer is quiet, Sigma go and announce one of the most interesting new full-frame hybrid stills/cinematography cameras we've seen in a long time.

Some things are nice to have. Others are essential. Here's what Simon Wyndham thinks all video capable cameras with professional intent should have as standard, but often don't!

It's not a headline you'd expect to see in 2019, but it's true!

If you want to see how modern technology can give you a glimpse of how truly amazing the universe we live in really is, this video of a Moon Eclipse from Idaho is surely a wonderful example.

Baking the look in-camera enhances your camera skills

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Hold on there cowboy! Step away from the log option!

With our extensive review of the Panasonic Lumix S1 coming very soon, here's some unboxing action to whet your appetite! Oh, and our review camera has a little surprise up its sleeve.

Hitfilm Pro has some pretty great features, but this tutorial really shows off what is possible with the forthcoming 3D camera tracker.

Phones are most certainly serious filmmaking tools now. If you think otherwise, why?

Review: The concluding part of our comprehensive review of the URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2. This time we look at usability, picture quality, and that all important slow motion!

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