Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham is the Editor of RedShark News, a professional cameraman and video producer of 20 odd years. With a background in indy feature making, he has been writing camera reviews and tech articles for as long as he can remember. When he isn't producing bread and butter corporate videos he can be found hucking the gnar on rivers whitewater kayaking and adventure sports filming.

What is it that makes GoPro so successful?

Published in Business

You’ve got to search for the hero inside yourself. A new internal video, GoPro Our Story, provides a good jumping off point to assess exactly what it is that make GoPro so dominant when it comes to POV.

Symon Wyndham has been testing with a new compact HDMI recorder from Atomos, the Ninja Star, for the past week, and gives us his opinion.

There's a drone watching you!

Published in Technology & Computing

Drones are about to get even more interesting

How do you sell yourself to clients? Is it by talking about your skills or your equipment?

 Digital video can now demonstrably beat film in every way. So why do we keep comparing the two?

New types of affordable and lightweight camera mean that there are new types of film making. And the film makers are challenging the skills of "traditional" professionals. Simon Wyndham takes the sport of Kayaking as an example

If it's good enough for Bentley...

Published in Production


Is shooting on a phone still a gimmick?

Future Camera Utopia?

Published in Technology & Computing

Modular cameras, new entrants, and a shake up of the old guard; these are interesting times for the world’s camera manufacturers and potentially bountiful ones for the world’s camera consumers.

Improve your BMPC connectivity with ActionProducts

Published in Production

If you have recently bought a Blackmagic Production Camera and are rather lamenting the announcement of the Ursa, fear not because ActionProducts has announced something that will transform the functionality of your device.

As a company Blackmagic Design certainly likes putting the cat amongst the pigeons and NAB 2014 is no exception. Prepare to meet the URSA, the world’s first user upgradable 4K digital film camera.

This is a genuine suprise: Panasonic is first off the starting line with its 4K full frame rate POV camera

RedShark Replay: This article was first published back in 2015, but while some things have changed for the better, some of them haven't. It's one thing for cameras to be modular, that's a good thing. But should we really have to design our own custom rig for every new device?

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