Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham is the Editor of RedShark News, a professional cameraman and video producer of 20 odd years. With a background in indy feature making, he has been writing camera reviews and tech articles for as long as he can remember. When he isn't producing bread and butter corporate videos he can be found hucking the gnar on rivers whitewater kayaking and adventure sports filming.

Panasonic’s newly announced looks like being a lot of camera for the money.

The new 5.2” was a surprise announcement this week. We take an exclusive first look at it.

FXhome releases a transformational update to Hitfilm Pro

Published in Post & VFX

Development of has been continuing apace, and the latest update could signal a transformation into a much more major NLE player.

Today Fujifilm announced the , an APS-C type mirrorless camera that on first inspection appears to be a smaller, less expensive version of the well regarded .

Where can the action camera go from here?

Published in Production

Action cameras have opened up a whole new arena of video shooting in the most extreme environments and sports. But where can they go from here?

Filming car interiors is hard, compounded by a lack of control over the environment and lighting. Here's a great video showing how to shoot car interiors the old fashioned way.

Black shade calibration doesn't sound glamourous, but it's an extremely important part of keeping your camera at peak picture performance. RED has released this essential video guide on how to perform the process on its cameras.

Shure Microphones experiment to see if music can be created from extreme sports sounds shows that the only limit to creativity is your imagination.

The man behind Apple's critically acclaimed iPad Pro commercial back in 2017 doesn't exactly make traditional holiday videos.

Technology has turned journalism upside down, but at the same time it has brought back an immediacy that really does put the story first.

Following on from our hands on report with the new Panasonic Lumix S1 series, here's the full details of both cameras specifications.

Panavision expands its DXL2 cinema camera system

Published in Production

This weekend Panavision showed off the latest developments for its DXL2 cinema camera system at the BSC Expo in London.

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