Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham

Simon Wyndham is the Editor of RedShark News, a professional cameraman and video producer of 20 odd years. With a background in indy feature making, he has been writing camera reviews and tech articles for as long as he can remember. When he isn't producing bread and butter corporate videos he can be found hucking the gnar on rivers whitewater kayaking and adventure sports filming.

Micro budget films have a very valid place in a creative industry that often likes to sweep them under the carpet. But if your only resource is currently yourself, how can you set off on the road to actually making something?

The new world of online on-demand broadcasting could mean the end of traditional broadcasters. Armed with just an Apple TV, can you get your television fix with just a few apps and skip live to air broadcast altogether, right now?

New AI techniques create ultra slow motion in post

Published in Production

Kandao's new software uses AI techniques to predict movement to create slow motion of up to 1200fps in post.

DaVinci Resolve 16: Hands on with the new Cut Page

Published in Post & VFX

The new Cut Page in Resolve 16 has got the editing world talking. We take the public beta for a spin to see if it can live up to the hype.

HDR has opened up a whole new world when it comes to colour grading. But it has also opened up a whole can of worms as to the best way to deal with it. We caught up with top colourist Warren Eagles at NAB 2019 for this enlightening interview to try and make sense of it all. 

Sometimes test footage videos can be a little dull. When you watch this stunning display of the 's slow motion abilities, you'll forget it's a test video and just become immersed in the visuals.

New Z Cam E2 cameras: 8K for a lot less than $8K

Published in Production

The highly respected series has now gained a 6K and 8K brother and sister. And the price is a pleasant surprise.

Fed up with changing lenses? Enter the Multi Turret!

Published in Production

It might look like a hark back to the past, and it started as a joke, but the Multi Turret is in fact a serious and potentially very useful accessory!

Nestled amongst the announcements at NAB 2019 was this one from Blackmagic Design. One that will be of immense interest to BMPCC 4K users. An OEM integrated battery grip.

Canon announces five new 4K camcorders in time for NAB

Published in Production

Canon certainly hasn't held back on announcements today with five new 4K camcorders, two new lenses, and some new firmware for its 4K production displays.

Previously restricted to operators in the US, Pond5 now offers the opportunity for drone creatives worldwide to sell their stock footage.

Why are all grades seemingly starting to look the same, and why are they almost devoid of colour?

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