Freya Black

Freya Black

Freya Black is a Freelance writer, director, cinematographer and artist based in the UK, (the land of cold winters and rainy days). She believes cinematography is all about creating magic through light. Her all time favorite film is "Freaks" by Todd Browning. Freya is a big fan of chocolate, owls and the night.

Monday saw the release of Resolve 14.1, an essential update that offers some significant improvements and additions to its capabilities.

Canon fuels the 4K train with new broadcast zooms

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Canon's new introduction of broadcast glass leaves no doubt that 4K really is mainstream now.

The Sony HXC-FB80 demonstrates that HD is still alive

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It would be all too easy to declare HD done and dusted when it comes to new gear, but Sony has other ideas with the HXC-FB80 broadcast camera system.

Relive the 70s with P+S TECHNIK Evolution lenses

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It seems that the film world cannot get enough of vintage glass at the moment. With that in mind P+S TECHNIK has now announced that they are to reproduce the classic Kowa anamorphic lenses.

With the sheer number of lens interfaces that exist today, we are used to adapting lenses to our cameras using adaptors. Now Angenieux has turned this thinking on its head by allowing us to adapt the lens to both the camera and sensor size at will. Freya Black investigates.

Film is dead, long live film! For some the allure of film in all its forms will never die. For those hankering after the good old days of instant photography, Lomography has come up with a solution for you. Get your Walkmans at the ready.

It is a fantastic time to be buying an action camera. At no period has this been better illustrated than now. Xiaomi has been making waves with its existing action camera line, that have been giving GoPro a very serious run for their money. Now the company has released a new camera into the fold, that offers many features found on higher budget rivals, but at an incredible sub £100 price point.

Nikon officially announces the D850

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To a huge amount of anticipation, the Nikon D850 has finally arrived. The Nikon D810 was a favoured camera of film-makers working in full frame video, so people have been waiting with bated breath to see what the company will produce as a more modern replacement.

Laser technology in projectors is approaching mainstream. Brighter, sharper pictures with lower maintenance costs are promised. But will these latest 4K laser projectors tempt cinema owners enough to upgrade their existing set-ups?

Rumours abound. A successor to the Nikon D810 has been anticipated for some time now. Rumours have been flying as to what the specifications might be. However in recent days information about its specifications have begun to leak out, including 8K time-lapse video capability and versatile slow motion abilities. No official announcement has been made, so it's a good idea to treat this as the purest form of speculation. However this is what we think we know so far!

Over the weekend Apple accidentally released firmware for its forthcoming HomePod speaker replete with details of the new iPhone 8.

Back in April, Samsung and Amazon announced another HDR standard for everyone to get confused by, HDR10+ an open source update to the existing HDR10 standard to make it even more powerful and competitive with Dolby Vision. This is why it matters.

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