Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz is Redshark’s East Coast Editor and a veteran shooter, editor, consultant, author and industry expert. He is a frequent contributor to TVTechnology Magazine as well numerous print publications, websites podcasts. Ned was among the founders of the LA Final Cut Pro User Group (now LA Creative Pro User Group) and is currently president of the New York City user group Mopictive NYC.

Decent eGPU support in MacOS has been long in coming. But now it is here, what sort of performance increases can we expect in real world usage, and is it worth the hardware upgrade price?

Telestream’s Wirecast 9 has new pricing plan

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Telestream’s live streaming and production software Wirecast has a new upgrade and a new pricing plan.

Ned Soltz dusts off his feet once more to give us the lowdown on Day 3 of NAB2018. Along his travels he finds an interesting motion control box and a brand new full frame 6K cinema camera!

There's a lot going on with lighting at NAB2018

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If you are interested in lights then NAB2018 is the place to be. Ned Soltz rounds up his second day at the event. Thankfully it went a bit easier on his feet this time.

Ned Soltz reflects on the new technology being shown and his aching feet as he takes us through the major announcements of the first day of NAB 2018.

Sony upgrades it's FS5 to MK2 status with brand new colour science and high framerate capabilities, alongside announcements for additional new XDCAM cameras.

Adobe has released its Spring 2018 update to Adobe Creative Cloud bringing support for Sony's X-OCN, Canon Cinema Raw Light, and RED IPP2 amongst many other features.

Panasonic EVA1 upgraded to output 5.7k Raw

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First announced back in February, the firmware update for the EVA1 that owners have been waiting for has just been officially released.

Canon's new camera's name may sound like a hexadecimal memory location, but it's an important leap for the Japanese camera manufacturer, and for the industry. A new lens and two reference monitors announced today too, just in advance of NAB, which starts in ten days time

As if the original Mavic wasn't portable enough, DJI goes and shrinks it further and increases the bitrate for good measure. Ned Soltz gives us the lowdown.

CES 2018: essential releases, trends & more

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CES never disappoints. And for our segment of the industry, CES sets challenges annually. This 2018 show was no exception.

Monitoring HDR during editing is a minefield

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HDR is certainly catching on quickly, but there remains some challenges to the workflow to be ironed out. Ned Soltz gives us his feedback on his experiences with the latest NLE releases.

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