Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz

Ned Soltz is Redshark’s East Coast Editor and a veteran shooter, editor, consultant, author and industry expert. He is a frequent contributor to TVTechnology Magazine as well numerous print publications, websites podcasts. Ned was among the founders of the LA Final Cut Pro User Group (now LA Creative Pro User Group) and is currently president of the New York City user group Mopictive NYC.

NAB NY is looking good, but faces challenges [Opinion]

Published in Business

Late last week journalists received an update from NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith regarding NAB 2020 and forward. But what do these announcements really mean for the show? Ned Soltz offers some further analysis on the revamped shows.

Try as we might, there's no avoiding Coronavirus even if you haven't been affected physically. The repercussions are rippling across the industry with all the subtley of a nuclear explosion. But there are some shining lights, so here's a rundown of what some prominant companies are doing to help content creators in this most testing of times.

The Coronavirus outbreak has been forcing a rethink about how production can carry on seamlessly when social isolation is at the forefront of many countries strategies. IP based workflows are therefore now coming into their own.

At RedShark we take a pragmatic view that decisions to attend events need to be taken on evidence. But we are aware that worldwide events and hysteria can cause alarm where the scientific evidence suggests more caution. However due to the sheer volume of news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, recent news directly related to our industry, and the fact large expos around the world have already been cancelled, this is a topic that, at the very least, needs raising.

As Sundance Film Festival begins, Adobe announces a preview of a forthcoming collaborative addition to Premiere Pro entitled Productions.

If two heads are better than one, imagine how much better three heads are. That’s the essence of the Insta360 ONE R adaptive action co-engineered with Leica.

The new Mac Pro is available with a large number of configuration options. What are the best options if you want a machine that will do the business, won't become obsolete quickly, but offers the best bang for the buck?

New Davinci Resolve update enhances usability features

Published in Post & VFX

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve has been updated with some practical and user requested new features.

Apple has announced pricing and availability for the long-promised MacPro. Dubbed the MacPro (Late 2019), this device represents the longest time between product refresh of any Mac with the last MacPro appearing in December 2013.

Adobe’s annual Adobe MAX conference kicks off with the release of updates for the CC suite. These will be available immediately to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Panasonic recently announced that New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) has acquired 30 EVA1 cameras for the school’s BFA cinematography and production classes.

New York’s annual PhotoPlus Expo has concluded with announcements and demos of the latest photo gear. Yet, with the increasing convergence of the still and video worlds, there are a number of innovations in the video world to merit our attention.

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