Erik Vlietinck

Erik Vlietinck

Based in Holland and Belgium, Erik Vlietinck is the publisher of the IT Enquirer, a pan-European online publication covering multimedia content production.

He also regularly creates online textual and video content for websites of companies across Europe and writes for Photoshop User and occasionally contributes to Post Magazine. Erik has been a freelance writer for over a dozen IT-magazines in Great-Britain, Holland and Belgium.

He has written product reports on editorial systems, superwide format UV-curing inkjets, Postscript RIPs and DAM systems. From 1998 to 2004 Erik wrote the Administrator Guides for DMPartners’ linguistic search engine for publishers and WoodWing Software’s Enterprise 7 cross-media publishing system.

Up to 1990, Erik served as a solicitor at the Antwerp Bar Association and a lecturer at Vlekho, a university located in Brussels, where he bored post-graduate students with IT contracts law.

Review: Yanbox's Nodes has been used on some major feature films in its time, and now it has received a big overhaul with Nodes 3. Erik Vlietinck takes a look.

Revoice Pro 4: a must-have piece of audio software?

Published in Audio

Review: We give highly featured audio pitch and retiming software Revoice Pro 4 from Synchro Arts a good run through. Should this be an essential part of your audio toolkit? Read on to find out.

When you think of audio fixing, you probably think of “iZotope RX Advanced”. It is the industry standard for audio post production regardless of the environment in which the audio is used, be it movies, music or even criminal forensics. iZotope has now released updates of RX 7, its metering app Insight and the full RX Post Production Suite.

How to view memories stored on obsolete media is a big topic today. LifeFlix offers one way of transferring your dusty old video camera tapes to your computer in an apparently straightforward way.

Review: ColorSynth from Codex promises a fast new and intuitive way to grade within Premiere Pro and FCP X. We put it through its paces.

iZotope has always impressed us with its range of filters and effects. Erik Vlietinck takes a look at the potentially very powerful VocalSynth 2.

Can a smart phone light meter really be every bit as good as a dedicated professional device? Erik Vlietink takes a good look at the Illuminati from Illuminati Instruments.

Review: The number of Thunderbolt 3 capable storage devices continues to increase. Erik Vlietinck takes a look at CalDigit's latest offering, the T4 Thunderbolt 3.

 Erik Vlietinck takes a look at Universal Audio's Arrow. The worlds first Thunderbolt 3 desktop recording interface for MacOS and Windows.

Audio mixing without any unforseen colouration of the sound is one of the most difficult aspects of mixing room setups. Erik Vlietink takes a look at the IK Multimedia ARC 2.5 system, which could make such headaches a thing of the past.

The is designed to be rugged and dependable, but its major appeal will be its speed. It is truly blazing fast, with speeds up to 2800MB/sec read and 2450MB/sec write performance.

Review: Running out of ports to hook your stuff up to? CalDigit has the answer with the Thunderbolt Station 3 Plus.

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