Erik Vlietinck

Erik Vlietinck

Based in Holland and Belgium, Erik Vlietinck is the publisher of the IT Enquirer, a pan-European online publication covering multimedia content production.

He also regularly creates online textual and video content for websites of companies across Europe and writes for Photoshop User and occasionally contributes to Post Magazine. Erik has been a freelance writer for over a dozen IT-magazines in Great-Britain, Holland and Belgium.

He has written product reports on editorial systems, superwide format UV-curing inkjets, Postscript RIPs and DAM systems. From 1998 to 2004 Erik wrote the Administrator Guides for DMPartners’ linguistic search engine for publishers and WoodWing Software’s Enterprise 7 cross-media publishing system.

Up to 1990, Erik served as a solicitor at the Antwerp Bar Association and a lecturer at Vlekho, a university located in Brussels, where he bored post-graduate students with IT contracts law.

RedShark Review: Sound Devices released its MixPre series of audio recorders earlier this year, with the MixPre-10 the most recent addition. Erik Vlietinck had the opportunity to try out a MixPre-6, a compact recorder that can handle eight channels and promises audio quality that belies its size and price.

iZotope's audio plugins can be a life saver. Particularly when it comes to noise reduction. The company has now introduced comprehensive updates to its Ozone and Neutron mastering and mixing software plugins. Erik Vlietinck gives us his verdict.

MotionVFX mFlare 2 review

Published in Post & VFX

MotionVFX have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to creating useful plugins and effects. Erik Vlietinck has taken a look at mFlare 2, and is certain that it will give you your lens flare fix!

RedShark review: Fancy having a USB3 and Thunderbolt 3 hub for your MacBook Pro? How about if the hub contained a swappable HDD/SSD bay and could simultaneously charge your computer with one cable? If you do, CalDigit has the solution for you.

Switch Pro 4 makes quality control a breeze

Published in Post & VFX

With it's ability to play any file, even in the middle of downloading, Switch Pro 4 looks set to be a highly useful quality control and review tool. Erik Vlietinck takes a closer look.

Fancy creating a screencast or a presentation involving demos of iPad apps, or a PiP (Picture in Picture) video presentation of new software? Then ScreenFlow has been your best option for some years now. Telestream recently released version 7, which improves on an already winning formula and has aspirations as an NLE as well.

Can your iPhone replace your light meter?

Published in Production

RedShark Review: Top of the line light meters an be expensive and they’re one-trick devices. iOS devices, on the other hand, are multi-capable and many people already have one. Some developers have created light meter apps, turning your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a light measurement device. One of the most respected of these is Cine Meter II by Adam Wilt. Erik Vlietinck takes a look to see whether it measures up.

Sony RX0: probably the best action cam so far!

Published in Production

Is it a GoPro rival, or does it belong in a category of its own? It may be slightly ambiguous as to where the new RX0 is precisely aimed, but it could well be the answer that some producers have been looking for, marrying action camera capabilities with high quality 4K recording.

Less pain with more gain? The Kyno media management application from Lesspain Software is popular amongst producers and photographers alike. Now the software has received a major update, promising to further increase its usability. 

CalDigit TS3 Thunderbolt Station 3: The new edgelord?

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Review: The CalDigit TS3 Thunderbolt Station has an edge. Not only does it provide 85W charging power on one of its ports to Apple's Thunderbolt 3 MacBook, but it's also tiny compared to others. And it can be positioned upright on its edge, saving space on your desk.

New OWC SSD and RAID units on test

Published in Technology & Computing

RedShark Review: Testing out the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD and Mercury Elite Pro Dual 2TB.

RedShark Review: Slovenia’s Lumulabs is a small operation that develops the Lumu Power light meter, a hardware sensor combined with an iOS app. It has a fast-response silicon photo diode and true colour sensor in one package.

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