Andy Stout

Andy Stout

Andy has spent over two decades writing about all aspects of the broadcast and film industries for a variety of high-profile industry publications on both sides of the Atlantic. During that time the industry has moved from 4:3 SD to 16:9 SD to HD and now on to 4K HDR. He's getting kind of curious to see where it goes next.

Sony VENICE adds features, ships this month

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Sony expects its next gen CineAlta motion picture camera to start fulfilling pre-orders this month and is already looking ahead to v2 firmware features.

Panavision unveils the Millennium DXL2 8K

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It has been a quite stunning 24 hours in the world of camera announcements, with Panavision’s surprise unveiling of the Millennium DXL2 8K built around a RED MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, and Light Iron color2 science (LiColor2) staking out the 8K high-end.

GPUs are in very short supply at the moment

Published in Technology & Computing

Gamers ahead of miners: the goldrush-era stampede to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is leading to a shortage of high-end graphics cards.

Hasselblad has followed up the Multi-Shot version of its H5D camera a few years ago with a new version of its H6D that will  produce a mammoth 16-bit, 400 megapixel, 23200 x 17400 TIFF file.

The tech wizardry involved in restoring lost television

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t necessairily know the names of the act involved, the BBC’s work in restoring some lost footage of the comedy duo Morecambe & Wise is video science at its most extreme cutting edge.

G-Technology has plugged a gap in its portable RAID product line with two versions of its G-Speed Shuttle in a Thunderbolt 3, and significantly more portable, flavour.

The 4K spy in the sky

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It's either a great leap forward that will be an invaluable resource to future generations or the start of a dystopian surveillance nightmare: either way the launch of Earth-i’s prototype satellite promises 4K footage from space.

Kodak rides the blockchain hype wave

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Eastman Kodak is a name often associated with old technology, but its CES announcement that the 130 year-old company is developing its own cryptocurrency, the KodakCoin, is extremely 2018 in both good and bad ways.

Bad Karma: What next for GoPro?

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While previous CES outings have seen GoPo stand unassailable at the top of the POV camera tree, 2018’s show has seen the canning of the Karma drone and the company rumoured to be up for sale. What happens next?

TV screens are always one of the main battlefronts at CES and with rollable screens, 8K OLED displays, and now Samsung’s massive The Wall, it already looks like 2018 is going to be a vintage year for new technology.

AJA goes Thunderbolt 3 with the Io 4K Plus

Published in Post & VFX

AJA has added the Io 4K Plus a Thunderbolt 3 device to its capture and output range, while simultaneously updating the software for its family of KONA and Io products to v14.

How many drivers per speaker do you really need?

Published in Audio

If you’re uber high-end US audio manufacturer McIntosh, you’ll find that 81 is roughly the right number.

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