Andy Stout

Andy Stout

Andy has spent over two decades writing about all aspects of the broadcast and film industries for a variety of high-profile industry publications on both sides of the Atlantic. During that time the industry has moved from 4:3 SD to 16:9 SD to HD and now on to 4K HDR. He's getting kind of curious to see where it goes next.

This is what you need when you’re working live in 8K

Published in Post & VFX

An announcement that SGO has integrated AJA KONA cards into its highest of high end systems gives a brief glimpse into the sort of hardware needed to work in 8K in realtime.

Is the end getting near for Blu-ray?

Published in Technology & Computing

Does the news that Samsung is getting out of the US Blu-ray market mean that the format is now living on borrowed time?

Nikon adds 12-bit RAW output to Z7 and Z6

Published in Production

A firmware update for Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras, the and , will add support for 12-bit RAW output among several other useful features.

The Canon EOS RP - the smallest, lightest full-frame EOS yet

Published in Production

Barely six months on from the announcement of the EOS R, Canon has launched a smaller, cheaper, cut down but still rather capable version, the .

Samsung QLED: A sign of the 8K times

Published in Technology & Computing

Samsung has taken its QLED 8K technology and ported it over into digital signage, plus it is also planning on releasing a 292-in version of The Wall before the Summer.

In a move which has caused a huge stink in the movie industry, the Academy Awards has shifted four awards categories into the ad breaks of the show, including cinematography and film editing.

Atomos gives the Lumix S1 4k 10-bit 4:2:2 out of the box

Published in Production

Panasonic’s new might not be able to record 4:2:2 10-bit internally at release, but that doesn’t stop users from having the option straightaway via the and Inferno.

Sony adds 4K High Frame Rate capabilities to VENICE

Published in Production

The confirmation of an optional HFR license later this year sees Sony adding 4K 120fps capabilities to its VENICE system, with more features added by a V4 firmware update.

Panasonic EVA1 gets firmware upgrade and price cut

Published in Production

Panasonic’s third firmware upgrade for the EVA1 adds an important new HEVC codec while its price has dropped by nearly 8%.

For those who want to shoot or store a lot of video on their smartphones, Samsung has just announced an enormous 1TB flash chip for next gen devices.

Where are the female nominations at this year's Oscars?

Published in Production

This year’s Oscar nominations have widened the Awards’ scope to include a Netflix film and a superhero movie for the first time, but where are the women behind the cameras?

With Mobile World Congress coming up next month, the industry is expecting to see a lot of foldable phones on display, both prototype and (almost) ready to ship. Xiaomi’s is possibly the best implementation we’ve seen so far.

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