HaZ Dulull

HaZ Dulull

Hasraf Dulull - known in the industry as HaZ,  is a widely experienced freelance Visual Effects Supervisor and Director. He started his career in video games creating cinematic CG sequences before moving into Film Visual Effects and Compositing which later lead him to becoming a VFX Supervisor / Producer and being nominated for several awards for visual effects. 

In his spare time he is also RedShark's senior VFX reporter.

How to finish an entire movie in DaVinci Resolve 14

Published in Production

The Beyond is the first feature film written, directed, produced and edited by long-standing RedShark contributor HaZ Dulull. Here he explains why he chose to complete the whole project, editing and all, in DaVinci Resolve 14.

Our resident VFX expert, HaZ, made an on-set discovery that not only eased his workflow, but solidified, in his opinion, the ARRI Alexa as the go-to camera for VFX shoots.

The Future of Visual Effects Education

Published in Business


Haz reflects on his experience of education institutions which teach VFX courses and explains why some people interested in a career in the VFX industry may be better off not attending University

Dwarf Labs: Montpellier's VFX innovators

Published in Post & VFX

Redshark’s VFX Reporter HaZ takes a trip to Montpelier to visit Dwarf Labs: a CGI animation studio in Montpellier, just off the French Mediterranean seashore. Dwarf’s ambition is to create world-class computer-generated imagery that appeals to audiences of all ages.

Creating a cloud-based production company - part 2

Published in Business

As I mentioned in Part 1, I am setting up a production company driven by a cloud based production pipeline from pre-production to post production

A cloud based studio?  Yes it’s possible and is already happening

Open Source VFX Training

Published in Business

Redshark’s VFX Columnist -HaZ interviews the founder and man behind the VFX Learning Open Source Project, an idea that could well be a game changer in the visual effects industry especially as demand for talent is ever increasing

In Part 3 of this 3 part series, HaZ, our VFX correspendent, talks about Networking; not about IP addresses and routers, but getting to know the people you need to know

In part 2 of this series, experienced VFX Supervisor HaZ looks at the right and wrong ways to approach studios when you're looking for work

In Part 1 of this 3 part series about applying for Jobs in the VFX Industry, RedShark's reporter HaZ, uses his experience as a VFX Supervisor and Producer to explain what he looks for in the in an application: what really works to get his attention - and what turns him off

How to fund a short/independent film - Part 3 of 3:

Published in Business

Budgeting for short or independent films

How to fund a short/independent film - Part 2 of 3:

Published in Business

Approaching Crowd-sourced funding

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