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Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

IBM releases mammoth 15TB tape drive

Published in Technology & Computing

While it’s tempting to think of tape as a dead end format being rewound into obsolescence, the reality is a big different as IBM’s latest pushing of some fairly impressive boundaries demonstrates.

ARM, the company that has a powerful stranglehold on the mobile CPU market, recently announced the development of its first ISP which could have some major implications for mobile camera tech.

NAB 2017: Videowalls and monitors to the fore

Published in Production

As is traditional, Phil Rhodes wraps up this year’s NAB coverage with a quick look at the stories less covered and the things that it’d usually be necessary to have a good wander around the exhibits to notice.

Sony’s large-scale display wows the crowd

Published in Production

Notes from NAB: Sony's press conference at the weekend showed just how good LED videowalls have become.

VR: a technology still on the verge at NAB

Published in VR & AR

Notes from Vegas. Phil Rhodes gets the sense from NAB that VR hasn't moved forward from the ‘this is the next big thing’ stage to actually doing anything concrete about it. Surprisingly, there seems to be some uncertainty about HDR too.

JMR ICS Media MASSter 102: ruggedized data duplication

Published in Production

JMR's new ICS Media MASSter 102 promises the sort of ruggedized, portable data duplication system deigned from the ground up to survive life on set, not to mention the ability to duplicate 1TB in less than 50 minutes.

Radio mics: what you find at the high-end

Published in Audio

RedShark Review: Phil Rhodes takes the opportunity of looking at DPA Microphones' new SCM0013-B lavalier clip to look at some radio mic gear and examine some of the choices that exist in the current market, especially at the high end.

The EBU's catchily-named TECH REPORT 038 has attempted to conduct a subjective evaluation of HLG for HDR and SDR distribution and concluded that it's just as good as PQ. The real story though looks to be about the bitrates broadcasters are going to typically allow for the signal. 

Why don't we just record everything uncompressed?

Published in Post & VFX

Not all codecs are created equal...

Could bioluminescence offer a better, more energy efficient, cleaner alternative to the current battery technology? French company Glowee seems to think so.

The OLED displays are coming

Published in Technology & Computing

OLEDs have been knocking around for longer than LCD screens, but are only now starting to really impact on the mainstream. And while there is still room for improvement, the feeling is that the momentum behind them is finally growing.

One of the criticisms being levelled against the first generation of mainstream VR displays is a lack of resolution and sharpness. Phil Rhodes on the problems you have when your screen is only centimetres away.

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