Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

Why can't we have a perfect camera?

Published in Production

Why the quest for the perfect camera is a journey without end.

The Aputure Light Dome II is a very affordable soft box

Published in Production

RedShark Review: For fast light setups, could be just what you need.

The internet is full of camera tests, particularly ones that test codec compression. But you can't test this in the ways that it is often thought you can.

Review: The lowly tripod is often forgotten amongst the excitement of new camera releases. But Vinten has managed to design a tripod with truly revolutionary features in the form of its Flowtech range. Phil Rhodes takes a detailed look at this most important of gear pieces.

Review: Deity has upgraded it's shotgun mic in the form of the S-Mic 2, and it could give the long time market leader a good run for its money.

Review: The CineRangerFinder was clearly a very 'in demand' piece of kit judging by its crowdfunding success. Does the final product measure up? (See what we did there?!)

Ampere Computing's recently announced eMAG CPU gives us an enticing thought that maybe, just maybe we might be getting close to a time when we could self build an ARM based workstation. Whether we could actually run any known OS on it is quite another question however...

Handheld camera ergonomics, it has to be said, are not exactly great at the moment. A box with a thousand extra parts attached isn't the best way to stay mobile and work fast. But if ENG and documentary are your thing, there could be a solution out there that is vastly overlooked.

Which is the best type of RAID setup?

Published in Technology & Computing

Here's our essential guide to all the different types of RAID setup.

Camera sensitivity is not as straightforward as you think

Published in Production

When we think of camera sensitivity it would be logical to think that brighter is better. But is this always the case?

Windows on ARM is an intriguing development

Published in Technology & Computing

Now that Windows 10 can be run on ARM chips, what does this mean for the future of Windows based workstations?

If you want to stabilise your shot, what's the best option?

Published in Production

Which is best, a gimbal or a device like a Steadicam?

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