Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

CPUs and GPUs are great for certain processes. But what happens if you need more grunt than any current CPU offers but you can't make efficient use of a GPU either? Xilinx is developing a solution.

Sharp's 8CB60A 8K camera caused a bit of a stir last year, and now we have been shown some exclusive footage from the new camera that shows off just how good 8K is.

Four techniques that are certain to revolutionise cameras

Published in Production

Computational abilities have already transformed what we can do with cameras. Here are some of the most prevelant technologies and techniques that could revolutionise what we will be able to do in the future.

Buying your own Alexa is much easier than you think

Published in Production

For many camera ops the idea of owning an Alexa is simply an unrealistic dream. But is it? Phil Rhodes shows how mere mortals could in fact own one of these legendary cameras, and what the benefits and disadvantages of doing so would bring.

We give the light a thorough test to find out if it should form part of your kit bag.

Saving your data from oblivion is getting easier

Published in Production

Preserving our footage and data in the long term is a big concern. But is it a genuine concern, or is data preservation actually becoming easier? 

Broadcast standards are defined to ensure a minimal picture quality through the broadcast chain. But do the minimum bitrate requirements actually stack up in the realworld? Read on to find out. 

Will the Alexa LF make large-format the new normal?

Published in Production

The Alexa LF has caused quite a stir. With it's large sensor, will the new camera normalise large-format cinematography, or will practical production issues mean that it remains a niche product?

Is this the most versatile SFX gadget ever made?

Published in Production

It's been used for decades to create all sorts of practical effects. Phil Rhodes celebrates the Le Maitre Mini Mist fog machine. 

Why LUTs are not a magic bullet

Published in Production

The creation of LUTs is practically an industry now. But they are not a magic bullet for the look of your film, and shooting with them requires a lot of care. Phil Rhodes looks at why we should never rely 100% on them.

We take video imaging for granted. But the pioneers didn't have things so easy. How on earth were images created before the CDD? Phil Rhodes tells all. 

Everything you need to know about colour resolution

Published in Production

The limitations of human vision and how we see colour are actually an advantage when it comes to storing video. Phil Rhodes demystifies the confusing world of colour subsampling.

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