Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

What's the best shape for a camera? Phil Rhodes has some strong views

 If you live in the US and want to see a Paramount movie on 35mm, you're going to have to go and watch Anchorman 2. Well, it is described as “nearly as funny as its predecessor” on Rotten Tomatoes

The art of Colour Rendering

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Replay: Human beings come in a variety of exciting colours. Rendering those colours in a pleasing way has been a goal of photography since before photography actually had colours, but it's always going to be an incredibly subjective issue

Too much Technology?

Published in Technology & Computing

We love technology at RedShark. It's changing at an ever-increasing rate But not everyone, including our own Phil Rhodes, agrees 100% with us!

 Here's another chance to read this great article by Phil Rhodes on why cameras need global shutters. Cheaper, cinematic cameras come with a cost - they tend to have Rolling Shutters, which means that rapid movement can be skewed. The ability to buy cameras with global shutters at all price points can't come soon enough, according to Phil Rhodes

In the real world, light levels vary enormously. Our current screens can't reproduce images that include light sources or reflections of them accurately. To do so would require a massive increase in brightness. But it needs to be done. Phil Rhodes explains the science needed for this next artistic leap

Opinion: is film School Worth it?

Published in Business

They're expensive, and there's no proof that they help people's careers in film. That's Phil Rhodes' view. Is he right or wrong? Hear him out and then let us have your comments

Don't work for free!

Published in Business

However tempting it might be in the movie and video business, don't work for nothing!

The D50 was never meant to record video. But thanks to the almost unbelievable ingenuity of the Magic Lantern wizards, it does, and does it well. And now people are making accessories for it!

As summer looms and people's minds turn to well-earned vacations, we're re-running some of our most popular past articles in case you didn't see them the first time. In this exhaustive piece, Phil Rhodes explains the background and the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of RAID.

This holiday we're re-running some of our most popular articles, in case you didn't see them the first time. Toda, we're drilling down to the essence of the difference between analogue and digital. Here's Phil Rhodes' take on this persistent question. It's a fascinating read, and is pretty definitive on the subject.

There are so many great articles in RedShark's archive - we're publishing this again in case you missed it first time!

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