Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes is a Cinematographer, Technologist, Writer and above all Communicator. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

Where are the jet packs?! Sometimes technology headlines promise a lot, but the reality often falls short of the dream. Phil Rhodes takes a look at some products that never seem to materialise, and some that might.

Away from the noise of the internet, those who are on the coalface of production are often using kit that could be construed as being 'old' and obsolete. Except that it isn't, and there's a very good reason why they are using it.

Cinemartin's 8K Fran camera can now be confirmed as a very real thing. No longer vapourware, the company has released new images of the camera along with some sample video.

Simplifying the way our devices communicate down to a single technology would be ideal. But will it happen, can it happen, and is it the best way?

Will cloud archiving ever be a reality?

Published in Technology & Computing

The cloud has promised us many things that will apparently change the way we do our computing forever. But will cloud based archive ever be a real thing?

The concept of open source software promises a utopia of free software that rivals the best commercially made products. But has it ever fulfilled this aim, and what is its future?

Here's our tribute to the rather heavyweight, yet incredibly adaptable workhorse, the Fisher 10 Dolly. One of the unsung heroes of film and video.

Are we too sensitive about noise?

Published in Production

Feature films of days gone past were really quite grainy compared to the pictures produced by a modern digital camera. We didn't complain too much then and just accepted it as part of the look. Should we be placing less emphasis on noise if it means a more emotionally resonant picture is produced?

RedShark review: Most people are aware of what an ND filter is. Making a good one, though, is one of those things that's simple in concept but hard to do well. PolarPro have perhaps been best known for making filters to suit the tiny lenses on adventure cameras and drones, but their new QuartzLine range is designed to suit larger lenses.

Why are filmmaking lenses so large?

Published in Production

Why are S35mm filmmaking lenses so much bigger than even their full-frame stills counterparts? Is it a physical requirement, or could the reason lie in usability?

We don't usually think about the skill of the camera operator while kicking back with a beer while watching the football. But what we forget is that being a sports camerman isn't just highly skilled, its probably the most highly skilled niche in camera work! With the World Cup in full play, here's our tribute to sports camera people everywhere. Even if you don't like football.

RedShark Review: a colour mixing LED that also produces highly accurate white light as well? Surely not? Phil Rhodes might well have found the ideal small light with the Fiilex Matrix II.

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