Mark McCarthy

Mark McCarthy

After working in the broadcast industry for more than a decade Mark McCarthy set up SPARKY FILM, a production company producing a range of dynamic and affordable video content around the world.
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Ultimate in control, the Arri Master Grips system

Published in Production

RedShark Review: Obtaining the ideal balance between ergonomic comfort and practical control of a camera is something that wer are constantly refining. The Master Grip handle system from Arri is an attempt at offering the ultimate in control over camera functions, with all major functions available at your fingertips. Mark McCarthy from Sparky Film gives us his view from a practical perspective.

Testing the ARRI AMIRA in the real world - Part III

Published in Production

In the third of our exclusive ARRI AMIRA video diaries, Mark McCarthy and Sparky Film decide to really test its capabilities out and make a short film.

Testing the ARRI AMIRA in the real world - Part II

Published in Production

In the second of our exclusive ARRI AMIRA video diaries, Mark McCarthy uses the camera in a field he knows inside out and is rather delighted with the results.

Testing the ARRI AMIRA in the real world - Part I

Published in Production

A documentary camera with the same image quality as an ARRI ALEXA? Here's what it's like to live with one. Part 1 of a series of video diaries.

RedShark Review: RødeLink Cinema radio mic kit

Published in Audio

Using radio mics instead of booms: Sparky Film recently tested out the newly released RødeLink Cinema radio mic kit and was rather pleased with the results.

The best camera? The one you have with you...

Published in Production

Sony’s PXW X70 is picking up a reputation as a fairly remarkable small camera that produces big pictures. More to the point, as I found out recently in Mumbai, you can take it places where you could never take a bigger camera.

SPARKY FILM road tests the Canon CN7x17 KAS in 4k. This lens isn't cheap - but it may be the only one you ever need to buy!

Sony PXW-X70 is a camera you can just take with you...

Published in Production

There will always be "ultimate" cameras that would be your first choice in any situation. But often you can't take bulky, expensive gear with you - and yet you still need to get fantastic-looking pictures. That's where the PXW-X70 comes in...

Here's a review of the Samyang 35mm T1.5 cine lens with a Sony F5 camera. This is some of the sharpest footage we've ever seen on Vimeo!

A clever lens adapter transforms large sensor cameras

Published in Production

 Large-sensor cameras are here to stay, but to get the best results, they need a different type of technique, and, usually, different lenses. The simple fact is that cinematography is a quite separate art to the process of video gathering for real-world events. Here's an adapter that makes it possible to use a large sensor camera more llike an ENG device

The typically grey and murky English weather is the bane of photographer's lives but on this occasion it only adds to the sense of foreboding as we look at these weird, sinister relics

Mark McCarthy rigs up a top-end second-hand Sony camera and is delighted with the results

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