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CFExpress cards are now on sale

Published in Production

The first CFExpress cards to hit the market, from Sandisk, have appeared on Amazon in Europe. Will new Nikon cameras be the first to support them?

The Aputure LS C120d II was one of the hits of NAB and, as Bas Goossens says in his video review, it only gets better on closer examination.

Live television broadcasting is a high pressure environment on the best of days. But it puts a whole new perspective on things when you read this account of working in the BBC's VTR department back in the day. We've never had it so good! By Guest Author Simon Anthony

When it comes to war films, there’s no better way to add authenticity than by shooting a nerve-wrenching epic battle sequence in the sky. It’s something producer and DP at Stray Dog Films, Matt Whyte, knows all too well.

Everything Old is New Again: Tuesday’s Apple Event in New York squarely targeted the creative community with all-new designs for the iPad Pro and Mac mini, alongside a long-awaited refresh of the MacBook Air and more. By K Stewart.

Where can we look to get a sense of the future of workflow production for scripted episodic programming? The designs and projects of Jesse Korosi, Director of Workflow Services at SIM Digital International, and his team of producers, supervisors, technicians and developers have become trusted models for many in the industry.

The guys at Vision5 recently purchased an ARRI ALEXA LF. This is their experience shooting with this dream machine of a camera for a short promo film called The Journey

Using the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K for broadcast drama

Published in Production

The capabilities of the 4.6K Blackmagic Ursa Mini are widely lauded. DP Chris Spurdens writes about his experiences using the camera to shoot a broadcast drama for the UK's Channel 4.

Blender 2.79 removes blank spots

Published in Post & VFX

The open source 3D content creation application Blender has reached another milestone. Version 2.79 will be the last in the 2.7x series and thus the current stable release for months to come. It features a shadow catcher, denoiser and the „Disney BSDF“ for Cycles, lots of fixes for Alembic, Grease Pencil improvements and much more. By Gottfried Hofmann.

Ignite Express: a very capable set of free plugins

Published in Post & VFX

Who doesn't like free stuff? Enter Hitfilm's Ignite Express, a suite of 90 free plugins to use in your favourite editor. Useful, or just another set of plugins that never get used? Read on to find out.

Remembering Final Cut Pro 7 - the end of an era

Published in Post & VFX

News broke recently that Final Cut Pro 7 will no longer work with the upcoming release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra. While this should be hardly surprising given that the last major release of the software was eight years ago, Final Cut Pro certainly turned the post production market on its head upon its release. Arthur Ditner looks back at a few fond Final Cut Classic memories.

The all new Vegas Pro 15, a NLE reborn

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Review: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. With the popular editing software sold to Magix Software, many were in doubt as to its long term future. Now the company has shown its hand in what promises to be a major overhaul. Dave Smith from Australian Video Camera takes a closer look at this eagerly awaited upgrade.

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