David Shapton

David Shapton

David is the Editor In Chief of RedShark Publications. He's been a professional columnist and author since 1998, when he started writing for the European Music Technology magazine Sound on Sound. David has worked with professional digital audio and video for the last 25 years.

Panasonic's smallest Varicam, the EVA1, has been a tantalising prospect since it was announced in June. Now we have the details, it just keeps getting better. 

Apple to sell RED RAVEN kit

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Apple, it seems, is going to start selling RED cameras. Specifically, the RED RAVEN in the form of a comprehensive kit

Blackmagic Fusion 9 is here - with some big changes

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Blackmagic's heavy duty 3D compositing and VFX package, Fusion, has reached version 9, and it's a big upgrade.

HP's just announced backpack VR computer might solve the problem of how you have a complete - fully mobile - VR experience with all the computing power you need for the best results

We've just heard that the Atomos Sumo 19" HDR monitor/recorder is now shipping worldwide.

Sony's sudden withdrawal of the latest FS5 firmware has taken users by surprise. The explanation, it seems, is simple: it's a minor, relatively obscure issue.

NewTek's NDI is being seen increasingly as the de facto standard for live video production, and evidence of the take-up is mounting. Here’s just one, significant, example.

RED's Hydrogen is not just a smartphone or even primarily a phone at all. And that's the key to understanding its potential: this could be a whole new mobile computing platform with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and expansion.

A very good reason for increasing resolution

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The way good loudspeakers connect listeners with audio maps on to the way we look at video, especially when we're using older equipment.

NewTek proves that good things come in threes, with the announcement of an IP-Native camera, new - and wireless - video to IP converters, and the release of version 3.0 of NDI.

In many ways, the RED Hydrogen press release poses more questions than it answers. Whatever the details of the new system though the suspicion is that RED has moved the bar — again.

GH5 - what do we mean by cinematic?

Published in Production

We've just been having an interesting discussion in the comments to this article about capturing 10-bit video from a GH5 onto an Atomos Ninja Inferno.

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