Peter Haas

Peter Haas

... is an award winning Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer whose first celluloid love was “Godzilla.” Since age 9, he’s been chasing monsters and men, camera in hand. His chief inspirations are classic German Expressionist cinema, the free-wheeling creativity of Terry Gilliam, and the fog-shrouded forests of his New Hampshire birthplace. Through his films, Peter strives to unlock the experience of "ecstatic cinema" -- a viewing experience that challenges, delights, and sweeps up the audience in equal measures.  His work has appeared in American Cinematographer, Red Shark News, various broadcast networks, and various festivals around the world.

Peter Haas takes a closer look at one of the sleeper hits of NAB 2016, Blackmagic Design's Duplicator 4K.

3 ways to help if you have to use a different NLE

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Replay: These days, editors may often find themselves having to work on different NLEs for different projects. Switching can be a difficult process, but Peter Haas has three strategies to ease the pain.

Digital Bolex releases firmware upgrade 1.4: "Dirawong"

Published in Production

The latest firmware has dropped for the Digital Bolex, along with an interesting new naming convention!

How to mount B4 lenses on the Sony FS5

Published in Production

Abel Cine takes advantage of Sony's Clear Image Zoom, porting a range of protean B4 lenses to the FS5.

CBS Radio and Adorama Premiere 'Adorama Live Theatre'

Published in Audio

Electronics giant Adorama has teamed up with CBS Radio to offer a new, premiere audio-centric live performance and event space in New York. And it rocks.

Why you should use prime lenses

Published in Production

RedShark Replay: When it comes to choosing lenses for a shoot, it's about more than just what needs to fit in frame. Peter Haas argues that a prime lens is usually the best choice, but which one?

Another look at the headline-grabbing Sony FS5

Published in Production

Peter Haas finds Sony's FS5 to be an ambitious, compact, versatile camera designed for professionals who need a ready-to-go solution.

SlimRaw: How to shrink your raw file sizes

Published in Post & VFX

SlimRaw bills itself as an affordable solution for reducing the size of uncompressed cinemaDNG files, saving precious storage space by nearly 43%.

When should you use a zoom lens?

Published in Production

Generally speaking, primes offer better image quality and are faster than zoom lens options, but there are some instances when packing a zoom makes a lot of sense.

RedShark Review: Sony PMW-PZ1 — 4K just got easier

Published in Production

The Sony PMW-PZ1 is an intriguing compact deck for the company's XAVC memory camcorder ecosystem. Correctly marketed as “4K playback for everyone,” the deck is a convenient and flexible alternative to an expensive high-powered laptop to review and backup your digital footage.

2015's Sight, Sound and Story conference at the Manhattan Edit Workshop provided some real nuggets of wisdom that can be applied to every edit room.

Digital Bolex is using the occasion of Cine Gear 2015 to announce new accessories and an innovative plan to distribute films shot on the D16.

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