Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall

Retired freelance TV commercial and documentory producer/director/camera/editor

Opinion: Is the DSLR dead?

Published in Production

With the ever-increasing choice in video cameras, some strong opinions are emerging. Craig Marshall reports

The Metabones Speed Booster is a device that sounds impossible. But it isn't, and RedShark contributor Craig Marshall thinks it's a good investment

In Pursuit Of Excellence: The RØDE Microphone Story

Published in Audio

Craig Marshall visits RØDE's headquarters in Sydney for RedShark and finds out what it takes to make high quality microphones that sell worldwide

Broadcast Quality Audio Field Recording with Prosumer Cameras and DSLRs ("Unlocking the Mysteries of ‘Phantom Power"). RedShark contributor Craig Marshall reports

Over the past year, I’ve been assembling a great little modular HD video camera which can be used on a tripod, on your shoulder or stripped down for light weight ‘run-n-gun’ applications. It suits both high end ‘pro-sumer’ as well as ‘professional’ HD video applications and I’d like to now share my results with you. A special project report from RedShark contributor Craig Marshall.

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