Craig Marshall

Craig Marshall

Retired freelance TV commercial and documentory producer/director/camera/editor

So, why does Oblivion look so good?

Published in Production

We breakdown the digital workflow of the 2012 blockbuster Oblivion, from camera choice to home distribution.

Postcard from Taiwan: Documentary filming on the run

Published in Production

Our intrepid traveller, Craig Marshall, details a recent trip to Taiwan, including his gear of choice for such gigs and workflow insights.

In more remote parts of the world outside of the urban centres, measures must be taken to ensure consistent power.

How to make a 4K video without a 4K video camera

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Summer Replay: With 4K footage on YouTube becoming increasingly commonplace, Craig Marshall details one way of producing and uploading video in the format without the need for a 4K video camera. The answer? An '80s presentaton style called 'audio visuals'.

In Part Two of his article on challenging assumptions about filming, Craig Marshall offers futher insights after two weeks shooting in Japan using his extremely portable home-brew set-up.

Craig Marshall offers his insights after two weeks shooting in Japan using his extremely portable home-brew set-up.

Røde updates the VideoMic Pro

Published in Audio

Røde's VideoMic Pro was first released back in 2010 and quickly became one of the industry standard on-camera shotgun microphones for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Now it’s being updated.

Running Resolve on a (slightly longer) shoestring

Published in Post & VFX

Craig Marshall updates his enormously popular article, How to build a system to run Resolve - on a shoestring, by spending a bit of his hard-earned cash on a rather necessary GPU upgrade.

Travelling companions. In looking for a lightweight, portable and cheap kit list for an international shoot, Craig Marshall hit upon pairing his Ninja Star recorder with an HP notebook PC.

Four groundbreaking new mics from Røde at once

Published in Audio

With all its high-profile and international presence, you may be forgiven for thinking Røde is a giant multinational company, but in fact it is a relatively small family operation and one that has just released four new products simultaneously, a first for the Australian firm.

Some readers may remember a piece RedSharkNews published in 2013 detailing the camera rig I built up from parts collected from all over the world. In keeping with this theme, I recently purchased an Atomos Ninja Star portable ProRes recorder to give my three year-old Sony HD ‘hybrid’ a new lease of life.

How to build a system to run Resolve - on a shoestring

Published in Post & VFX

RedShark Replay: This article is nearly two years old now and, as we all know, the industry moves a bit faster than that. But, for anyone that's watched our new Resolve tutorials, this story about one man's quest to put together a smooth, responsive system to run it on a budget will still have resonance.

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