Niki Smith

Niki Smith

Niki Smith is a writer and knows a thing or two about film. You can't scare her with subtitles, shorts, or experimental films, but you will find her shaking in her boots at the merest whiff of a horror film... even Ghostbusters. Really. And she has never seen Avatar. She's not ashamed. 

There’s nothing more joyful than an unexpected dance scene in a movie. A moment of pure wonder, a slightly uncomfortable break from reality, and the feeling that we’re watching something we shouldn’t be…

We pay homage to some of the greatest 'long takes' in cinema

Published in Production

Long takes are the calling cards of great directors. Not just any old Joe or Jenny has what it takes to deliver a really meaningful long take. Think of trying to coordinate extras, stunts, locations, lighting, as well as managing the performance and cinematography, and you can start to feel the headache building before we even begin…

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