Chris Foreman

Chris Foreman

Chris has been working in the broadcast industry for over 30 years, a lot of it as an editor, camera operator, sound recordist and troubleshooter.  He has an unrequited love of technology and a loathing of tomatoes.

It seems that every couple of months a new streaming service is announced. Gone are the days when you only had one or two big players. This may soon start to become a problem.

The ease at which we can now watch movies on demand is a great thing for choice. But has it meant that watching a film is no longer the 'event' that it used to be?

High frame rate is quite a divisive subject. Can it ever gain true acceptence, and is it even been used it correctly?

Edelkrone consistently impresses with its ingenuity. Chris Foreman takes a look the company's new HeadOne motion control system.

Review: Edelkrone are well known for its innovative take on camera movement devices. Chris Foreman takes a look at the latest iteration of its SliderONE, the SliderONE v2.

When is widescreen not really widescreen any more?

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Think about this for a moment, when is the last time you saw a film on a screen that was wider than 16:9?

Review: Chris Foreman takes a look at the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 tripod head and CF535 legs, a setup that could be ideal for cameras weighing up to 8kg.

Review: Edelkrone are one of the most innovative camera gear makers out there. Chris Foreman takes a look at the curiously designed Wing, a 'slider' that creates movement up to 4x its physical length.

Smart TVs would appear to have a lot to answer for. For anyone who has had to go into the settings of their friends television set to turn off the dreaded 'motion interpolation', Chris Foreman asks the question, do viewers really care about picture quality any more?

Do we really need so many different frame rate choices?

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Frame rates are so fundemental to every video project we create. And yet there are so many of them that combined with the huge variety of distribution methods that choosing which one to use is not straightforward. Is it time that we had a frame rate clear-out?

Has TV-on-demand become too good? [opinion]

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We've come from the dark old days in the UK of three channels and broadcasts being halted at 12am to the sound of the national anthem. But with online services demanding our attention with ever better quality series, is it all now too much to bear?

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