Sarah Redohl

Sarah Redohl

Sarah Redohl is an award-winning new media journalist focusing on mobile and 360 experiences. Her work has been featured on the Travel Channel, National Public Radio and the Washington Post, among others. She has also been recognized as one of Folio: Magazine’s 15 Under 30 young professionals driving media’s next-gen innovation.

Both the New York Times and the BBC have recently launched AR apps to supplement news coverage. Unlike some early false starts in AR for news, these latest apps show that we’re beginning to understand what really works in AR.

Eye tracking is will likely become standard for new headsets in the coming year. What does that mean for VR content creators?

VR180: is it true VR?

Published in Production

CES 2018 saw a number of big announcements for Google’s new VR180 video format. But is VR180 a step in the right direction or is it a step back, or is it both?

 Successful kickstarter projects may be a rarity. But it would seem that the Pimax 8K VR headset is one project that is bucking the trend could offer real competition and innovation to boot.

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