Adam Hamer

Adam Hamer

Adam Hamer is a Director of Photography and writer based in Los Angeles with 13 years of experience in the film and broadcast industry

How to shoot anamorphic without breaking the bank

Published in Production

We take a look at the options that are out there for anamorphic shooting, even if you don't own a multi-million Dollar film studio.

It has built up a cult following due to its highly unique characteristics and the ease at which it can be bought for such a low price. What makes the Russian made Helios 4-2 58mm so good?

Are some vintage lenses a risk to health?

Published in Production

With the increasing popularity of vintage lenses and glass with exotic coatings, comes a key question, what are these lens coatings made out of and how safe are they to handle? [Note that, as some commenters have rightly pointed out, this is NOT a scientific paper. It's here for interest and maybe to spark further research. We actually have no substantial grounds for claiming these lenses are dangerous, and of course all radioactivity is dose-dependent. Despite these reservations, we thought the article was interesting, while fully taking on board that it might not stand up to full scientific scrutiny.]

Will VR affect the fate of the world?

Published in VR & AR

Technological convergeance with the real world has been the subject of many a science fiction film. But how close are we to this becoming a reality. Adam Hamer ponders how VR might affect entertainment in the near future, and indeed our social spheres.

Cinematographers will often have a favourite lens or set of lenses that gives them the look they are after. With the demand for vintage lenses, Adam Hamer postulates whether the glass in front of your camera is the cinematography equivilent of a an artists paintbrush.

Why multicam is possibly the best way to shoot drama

Published in Production

Single camera shooting is often a standard way of shooting drama, but multicam setups are becoming increasingly more used for both television and film. Adam Hamer delves into the many benefits that multicam shooting offers.

In the future you may be able to print your own camera

Published in Production

Technology has always been an enabler. With more power to prototype and manufacture being placed into the hands of people who in years gone by could not even dream of such things, will open source cameras eventually replace our reliance on the big manufacturers?

The remarkable robots that are transforming filmmaking

Published in Production

The rise of the robots. How advancements in robotic stabilisation are already advancing cinematography much more than you might realise.

How post production keeps up with the pace of technology

Published in Post & VFX

Ever increasing resolutions and complexity introduced by new technology such as HDR means that the post production world is constantly having to evolve to ensure a smooth ride. Adam Hamer takes a look at the current state of play.

Streamlining your workflow with metadata

Published in Production

Metadata is an increasingly important aspect of the modern production workflow. Adam Hamer takes a look at how metadata workflows in Cooke's /i series lenses, for example, can increase efficiency and streamline the post production workflow.

Using the ARRI Alexa Mini as a stills camera

Published in Production

Opinion: Using the ARRI Alexa as a stills camera? But it's not even 4K! And yet, it is being used for exactly that purpose. By Adam Hamer

The modern rebirth of large format cinematography

Published in Production

Large format cinematography is in high demand in today’s cinema production landscape. In Part One of our look at this growing field, Adam Hamer looks at the sensors and lenses that are powering it.

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