Neil Oseman

Neil Oseman

Neil is a UK-based director of photography who has worked in the USA, Europe and Japan. Upcoming features he shot include The Little Mermaid with Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine, and supernatural thriller Heretiks with Michael Ironside. He has photographed another half-dozen independent features, innumerable shorts, several music promos and two multi-award-winning short-form action/adventure series. In the last couple of years Neil has been nominated for nine Best Cinematography awards and took home the gong at Festigious International Film Festival 2016 for his work on the short drama Night Owls. Second only to his love of cinematography is his passion for sharing his knowledge of it on his blog and his Instagram feed.

10 ways for filmmakers to fill their Januarys

Published in Production

Unless you’re working on a production that needs lots of winter, the start of any new year is traditionally a quiet time for anyone involved in video production. Neil Oseman suggests 10 ways to fill your time.

6 ways to judge exposure - part 1

Published in Tutorials

Exposing the image correctly is one of the most important parts of a cinematographer’s job. Choosing the T-stop can be a complex technical and creative decision, but fortunately there are many ways we can measure light to inform that decision.

Christmas lights have far more uses than you think!

Published in Production

Think Christmas lights are just for, well, Christmas? Think again. Here's Neil Oseman's lighting tips on how to use those fairy lights whatever the season may be.

The essentials of exposure part 4: ISO

Published in Production

In the concluding part in his series on exposure, Neil Oseman covers ISO, and shows how it can be used to help you in different lighting conditions.

The essentials of controlling your exposure part 3: shutter

Published in Production

Neil Oseman continues his in-depth series on exposure techniques. This time by covering shutter speed. 

In the second part of this in-depth series, Neil Oseman demystifies the use of ND filters to control exposure. 

In this new four part series of tutorials, Neil Oseman teaches us the nuances of exposing our images in all its different forms.

Why large-format 14K is the perfect future

Published in Production

At the recent Camerimage in Poland, top DOPs explained why higher resolutions are absolutely neccesary, and it isn't always for the reasons that we are traditionally lead to believe.

Can DOPs maintain control over the final look of the films that they work on in a world where so much emphasis is placed on shooting for the grade?

We’ve all been there. It’s halfway through the afternoon, you’ve only just wrapped the scene you were meant to finish by lunch, and now you have to cram the rest of the day’s material into a couple of hours. How can you do it?

7 fantastic tips to make your cinematography go smoothly

Published in Production

 Want to make sure your day on set goes smoothly? Neil Oseman is on hand with more useful tips on how to deal with the day-to-day tasks of a shoot.

Neil Oseman completes his two part series with more invaluable tips to help ensure success in the world of cinematography.

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