Neil Oseman

Neil Oseman

Neil is a UK-based director of photography who has worked in the USA, Europe and Japan. Upcoming features he shot include The Little Mermaid with Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine, and supernatural thriller Heretiks with Michael Ironside. He has photographed another half-dozen independent features, innumerable shorts, several music promos and two multi-award-winning short-form action/adventure series. In the last couple of years Neil has been nominated for nine Best Cinematography awards and took home the gong at Festigious International Film Festival 2016 for his work on the short drama Night Owls. Second only to his love of cinematography is his passion for sharing his knowledge of it on his blog and his Instagram feed.

Can we finally define what 'cinematic' is? [Opinion]

Published in Production

There are a lot of opinions on what constitutes 'cinematic', but can we ever truly define it in a world where lighting and shooting styles are constantly changing?

Roger Deakins finally just won an Oscar. Here's his story

Published in Production

After fourteen nominations, Roger Deakins has finally won a Best Cinematography Oscar. Revered by DoPs at all levels of the industry, he has worked hard for almost 50 years to earn that golden statuette.

Continuing our highlighting of International Women's day today, here are nine more female DPs who have made important marks on the industry

With International Women's Day upon us this week, we decided to celebrate by highlighting nine female DPs who are working at the top of their field in this new two part series.

Improve your cinematography by breaking all the rules

Published in Production

How you frame your characters will enhance or take away from the storyline as much as any scripted narrative. Straying away from traditional rules of composition can enhance your visual storytelling immensely.

Think differently with lenses!

Published in Production

We are used to conventions in filmmaking. But is adhering to them holding you back? Neil Oseman gives reason to think much more about the lenses you are using. 

Stock footage can add a lot of production value to your films, especially when you take a bit of time to customise it to your particular needs.

Top tips for being more creative with dialogue shots

Published in Production

Dialogue scenes might not seem to offer many creative opportunities. But nothing could be further from the truth. Read on for some top tips on how to spruce up your dialogue scenes.

Once solely the preserve of productions with decent budgets, modern technology now allows anyone to effectively light a historical period piece. Neil Oseman gives some effective tips on how to do it.

How to mould natural light to get the most beautiful shots

Published in Tutorials

Natural light with its infinite variations can be one of the hardest things to work with consistently in cinematography. So why not improve your chances of a beautiful shot with these fantastic, and practical tips from Neil Oseman.

10 ways for filmmakers to fill their Januarys

Published in Production

Unless you’re working on a production that needs lots of winter, the start of any new year is traditionally a quiet time for anyone involved in video production. Neil Oseman suggests 10 ways to fill your time.

5 tips for working with practical lights

Published in Production

In todays filmmaking practical lights can be one of the most useful tools you have in creating the look of your scene. Neil Oseman gives us his 'practical' tips on how to get the very best from such light sources.

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