Neil Oseman

Neil Oseman

Neil is a UK-based director of photography who has worked in the USA, Europe and Japan. Upcoming features he shot include The Little Mermaid with Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine, and supernatural thriller Heretiks with Michael Ironside. He has photographed another half-dozen independent features, innumerable shorts, several music promos and two multi-award-winning short-form action/adventure series. In the last couple of years Neil has been nominated for nine Best Cinematography awards and took home the gong at Festigious International Film Festival 2016 for his work on the short drama Night Owls. Second only to his love of cinematography is his passion for sharing his knowledge of it on his blog and his Instagram feed.

The gaffer is one of the unsung heros of the filmset. Finding a good one can make the difference between a nightmare or a dream shoot. Here's our guide to doing it without accidentally giving yourself a hairstyle like Albert Einstein.

The 4:3 ratio isn't dead yet

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Shooting 4:3 in 2018? Have we entered a parallel universe? Apparently not. 4:3 would appear to be a good creative decision in the right circumstances. Neil Oseman shares his experiences as a DP going back to square vision.

In his continuing series on different types of lighting, Neil Oseman looks at the history, characteristics, and uses of flourescent lighting.

When legacy frame rates still exist, just what is the best format to shoot your next production in?

The RedShark guide to keeping your crew morale high!

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What's the essential ingredient for a smooth shoot? It's crew morale, and if you don't have it any shoot can fall apart, fast. So here's our guide to keeping the crew smiling.

Continuing our series on lighting, Neil Oseman explores the legendary HMI, the type of light that you call upon when you need the sun on tap! 

Fujifilm in conjunction with Musashi Optical Systems have announced a tele-extender which expands the  Super-35 image circle of the Fujinon Premier and Cabrio PL-mount lenses to cover larger sensors.

Can you really re-light in post? [opinion]

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The plethora of filters and other processes around now such as shooting RAW and creating a look in post can fool some people into thinking that lighting can effectively be done in post. Neil Oseman vehemantly disagrees.

Arri Amira boosted by addition of Alexa type raw

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Arri has announced that its proprietary ARRIRAW recording format is now available on its Amira camera.

Neil Oseman, Redshark contributor and DOP for the feature version of Little Mermaid (released 17th August 2018) writes about the challenges and exhillaration of shooting a 1930s fairytale with modern, digital cameras

How can you achieve your first cinema DP credit?

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Sometimes in order to progress you need to take risks. Neil Oseman passes on some words of wisdom for those hoping to get their first true theatrical credit.

Do you know your PARs from your Source Fours? If not, read on for this essential guide to film lights.

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