Oliver Peters

Oliver Peters

Oliver Peters is a veteran editor, colorist, and post production consultant. He is also a contributor to various industry publications writing about production and technology topics. He may be contacted through his website at oliverpeters.com

Review: Creatives in all fields are the target market for Apple's MacBook Pro product line. Apple introduced the 16-inch model to replace its 15-inch predecessor in late 2019. This new model aims not only to be a serious tool for location work but to be powerful enough to form the hub of your edit suite, whether on-site or at a fixed facility.

Replay: Blackmagic Design doubled-down on advanced editing features in 2019 by introducing a new editing mode to DaVinci Resolve 16 called the cut page. They also added a dedicated editor's keyboard - something that warms the heart of any editor who started their career in a linear edit suite. After some post-NAB feedback and adjustment, the keyboard is finally ready for prime time, running with DaVinci Resolve 16.1 (currently in public beta) or later.

Why would an editor, colorist, or animator purchase a workstation from a custom PC builder, instead of one of the brand name manufacturers?

Your Mac will be much faster with an eGPU. How much faster? Read our review of the Blackmagic Design eGPU Pro to find out!

Is Apple's new Mac mini the mini marvel you've been waiting for?

Here's our rundown of the best 'alternative' software for every type of media use.

The way we set up and use edit suites has changed hugely over the years, even compared to just over a decade ago. Oliver Peters looks at how things have changed. Much of it for the better!

Making a film is hard. Selling it is harder.

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First-time filmmakers are elated when their film finally gets picked up for distribution. But the hardest work may be next. Preparing your film and companion materials can be a very detailed and complex endeavour if you didn’t plan for it properly from the outset. While each distributor and/or network has slightly different specs, the general requirements are the same. Here are the more common ones.

CoreMelt's new PaintX plugin allows FCP X users to paint directly onto their videos and have the effects accurately tracked, making some incredibly impressive effects possible. Here's our review.

Frame.io is now one of the most popular video collaboration and review sites. With its stylish new Masters short film series, the company is highlighting some of the immense talent who use its services, giving advice to users and would-be filmmakers along the way.

Review: Read on as we take a good look at Apple's latest .

Is an worth the investment? Read our real world review to find out!

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