Russel Fairley

Russel Fairley

Russ Fairley has an extensive background in production, with a warm place in his heart for editing and motion graphics. He founded After Effects Toronto, Canada's largest Adobe post production user group, is an Adobe Certified Expert in After Effects, and he runs a boutique production company. When he's not using the pen tool you can usually find him playing drums.

BoxCast boosts its streaming lineup to 4K

Published in Production

BoxCast unveiled the latest in its lineup of BoxCast Platform products at NAB, the 4K BoxCaster Pro.

Why Apple still matters to professionals

Published in Technology & Computing

There has been a lot of Mac-bashing in the industry lately. Russel Fairley mounts the case for the defence and points out that they're powerful enough for most jobs, and, beyond the excellent design aesthetic and build quality, they simply work time and time again. And as for the OS...

Rampant Design releases new tools for Premiere Pro

Published in Post & VFX

Rampant Design has unveiled a new series of tools, including presets and templates, aimed squarely at Premiere Pro users looking for a little bit off the shelf.

Phantom Flex4K adds global shutter to high speed options

Published in Production

Purveyors of all things fast and awesome, Vision Research, has added a global shutter to its flagship Phantom Flex4K high speed camera in an all-new model, the Phantom Flex4K-GS.

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