George Shaw

George Shaw

One of the quiet little revolutions going on in stills photography is the return to shooting pictures on film. With SLR film cameras and lenses cheap and easy to find on eBay, and with digital shooters wanting a retro look beyond the digital manipulation achievable with software, it’s easy to see why Kodak is bringing back one of the most iconic film stocks ever. Ektachrome.

DxOMark updates benchmarks for smartphone cameras

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As smartphones get more powerful, their cameras become more capable. In response to this the benchmark company DxOMark has expanded its evaluation criteria to include both Bokeh and Zoom while focusing on low light and motion artefacts.

It's been eagerly awaited, but GoPro has now unveiled the latest in its Hero series of cameras, the Hero 6, replete with an all new custom GoPro designed processor. George Shaw gives us the lowdown on this and the other new product announcements from the company.

How to travel with your drone

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If you’re travelling overseas, bringing along your drone can be a dicey affair. Sometimes, you may even have it confiscated, never to see it again. But with a little preplanning and researching local UAV restrictions, you can bring along a drone and get those great aerial shots. Don't leave home until you've read this essential guide by George Shaw.

If only there was one charger for every type of battery. If you are always searching around looking for that elusive charger for a specific battery, George Shaw thinks he has the answer. Fit them all within your own DIY battery charging station!

Make your drone footage really fly

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Flying high. With the easy availablity of compact drones such as the DJI Phantom and GoPro Karma, the opportunities to shoot sweeping cinematic vistas on a budget are better than ever before. But in order to get the best image from these devices, sometimes the camera needs a bit of a helping hand.

Micron discontinues Lexar media cards

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With Sandisk’s dominance in the media card category, it was only a matter of time before one of its competitors would surrender the field. But we didn’t think it would ever be Lexar.

Extending GoPro timelapse with CamDo's Blink

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RedShark Review: Designed to connect to the back of a GoPro Hero 3 plus or Hero 4, CamDo Solutions’ Blink controller can offer complete control over the time lapse feature of your GoPro and more.

If you’re planning to make the jump from 1080p to 4K, it’s important to remember that you’re going to be writing files that are four times the size that your current SD cards can handle.

Every so often, we take a look at which gear is getting ready to peak over the horizon and there’s no better place to find new tech for shooting film and video than sites like Kickstarter and its ilk. So what’s grabbing our attention this time around?

How to make 3-point lighting from a single source

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All too often, you may be stuck with needing to shoot an interview or take a photo and you only have one light to shine on your subject. Ordinarily, that would mean long shadows and an unappealing image, but with a few bounce boards you can create the look of 3-point lighting and save the day.

Seven ways to get stability without a tripod

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The more mobile we get as content creators, the more cumbersome it becomes to bring a tripod along with us. But that doesn’t change the need for stable images and videos, so what is a shooter to do? Well, there are plenty of other ways to skin the stability cat.

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