George Shaw

George Shaw

If you’re planning to make the jump from 1080p to 4K, it’s important to remember that you’re going to be writing files that are four times the size that your current SD cards can handle.

Every so often, we take a look at which gear is getting ready to peak over the horizon and there’s no better place to find new tech for shooting film and video than sites like Kickstarter and its ilk. So what’s grabbing our attention this time around?

How to make 3-point lighting from a single source

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All too often, you may be stuck with needing to shoot an interview or take a photo and you only have one light to shine on your subject. Ordinarily, that would mean long shadows and an unappealing image, but with a few bounce boards you can create the look of 3-point lighting and save the day.

Seven ways to get stability without a tripod

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The more mobile we get as content creators, the more cumbersome it becomes to bring a tripod along with us. But that doesn’t change the need for stable images and videos, so what is a shooter to do? Well, there are plenty of other ways to skin the stability cat.

New drone footage channel for Smart TVs

Published in Technology & Computing

For those tired of Netflix, Amazon, or even what we now have to refer to as linear TV, DJI has launched a new app for Smart TVs showcasing some of the best user-generated content from its worldwide drone fleet.

Black and white digital cameras are fascinating. With no Bayer filter, you capture the full resolution of the sensor. The Phase One IQ3 has an astonishing 100 Megapixel sensor. Surely this is the ultimate black and white camera? Even if, unfortunately, it doesn't capture video

Turn your cellphone into a light meter

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With the smartphone becoming steadily more and more ubiquitous, it's even managing to worm it's way into areas of our life where it can replace bits of kit once deemed essential. The light meter is a case in point.

Making a homebrew lens out of spare parts

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What do you do when you find a box full of junk parts at a swap meet? Create a lens which gives you amazing images of course! That’s what wild video producer Mathieu Stern did just recently, and the image results are pretty impressive.

Using photos from Flickr to compare lenses

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Before you go out and pay $300-500 or more on a new lens, wouldn't it help to know what kind of pictures that lens will actually give you? That's where Lens vs. Lens, a website that uses photos from Flickr to show you how lenses perform, comes in handy.

Thanks to the popularity of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC) such as the Panasonic GH4 and Sony α7, the electronic shutter has gained market share in shooting higher quality digital images. But will it ever supplant the mechanical shutter of the DSLR?

The four things you need to shoot tethered

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Shooting tethered gives you the ability to see more detail on a larger monitor, not to mention the ability to control the camera from the computer itself. If you want to give it a go, here are some things think about.

The Air Selfie: Just a toy or a serious drone?

Published in Production

The Air Selfie can fly out to a preset distance, take a picture and return. Indoors or outdoors. And the best part is, it fits inside your iPhone case. But is the Air Selfie a serious drone for capture or just another aerial toy?

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