Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington

Adrian has been writing about the media industry for 20 years in a wide number of leading publications. He is a longstanding member of The IBC and ISE Daily teams, International Editor for CinemaEditor, award winning film critic, conference moderator and copywriter of white papers, press releases and marketing materials for a wide range of organisations. He lives in Liverpool and absolutely loves it.

Qualcomm's new 5G capable Snapdragon 855 would appear to be taking mobile processing to new heights.

German start-up develops single lens that can turn any camera into a light field one.

The future of TV is very, very thin!

Published in Technology & Computing

Forget the big black box in the corner of your living room. Television could be something that you roll up into a box at the end of the evening.

Why Jaunt’s VR exit is good news for Virtual Reality

Published in VR & AR

The sale by Virtual Reality production pioneer Jaunt of its VR equipment division should not be seen as another nail in the VR coffin. On the contrary, VR – like stereoscopic 3D – will return bigger and better than before with augmented reality a means to that end. It is AR to which Jaunt is turning its attention.

Shoot photographs of scenes so dark that you can't see them clearly with your own eyes? Sounds like almost like a super-power but one which Google is sharing with users of its Pixel phones.

A recent unveiling of a 'photorealistic' AI newsreader on Chinese television is both fascinating and unnerving at the same time. How far will this go?

Panasonic's new "organic" 8K HDR camera is revolutionary

Published in Production

Panasonic has debuted a prototype camera with an "organic" 8K HDR Sensor and global shutter

AI is is taking over live production

Published in Business

At IBC, AI could spell job loss and a possible creative vacuum. Where will AI go now?

Sony’s 48-megapixel sensor is expected to arrive in future smartphones next year for superior daylight photography.

Leica head into the future with Light's Lux Capacitor and a rather sizeable injection of money. And it's not just photographic cameras that feature on the roadmap.

AJA and Epic Games move games engines into mainstream production by incorporating support for Unreal Engine 4 directly into the Kona 4

The BBC’s live streaming of the FIFA World Cup in UHD and HDR is a case of believe the hype.

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