Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington

Adrian has been writing about the media industry for 20 years in a wide number of leading publications. He is a longstanding member of The IBC and ISE Daily teams, International Editor for CinemaEditor, award winning film critic, conference moderator and copywriter of white papers, press releases and marketing materials for a wide range of organisations. He lives in Liverpool and absolutely loves it.

High frame rate (HFR) filmmaking splits opinion almost as much as 8K. But the producers of Gemini Man are hoping to change all that and make a convert of us all.

The incoming 5G cellular network promises a lot of things to a lot of people and one of them is ultra high-speed video. Outside of a few labs in Finland, Korea and trials at sports venues, no-one has seen this in action so we can only best guess at what the consequences of it might be. To even get to that stage we need mobile devices capable of handling data at Gigabit speeds.

Larger screens paired with 4K video recording and a first 21:9 4K OLED display are primed for an explosion in video to mobile

Apple is going to great lengths to simplify the app creation process across its devices.

Microsoft has unveiled HoloLens 2, an upgraded version of the mixed-reality headgear and the nearest thing yet to being able to interact Minority Report style with the dimensional internet. But this is not aimed at gamers, visual entertainment, office workers or casual punters. This is a hardcore piece of computing for industry which takes AR very seriously indeed.

Characterised as a solution looking for a problem (but that’s what they said about the iPad), smartphones that literally double as a tablet are set to be the new mobile computing craze with Samsung bagging the obvious brand name and first mover status.

Data glasses are about to get 8K, OLED and a mass production push.

Sony's new AI aims to make realtime pro AV video production easy for people with limited resources and training.

 "Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there." Deckard’s vocal instruction to the Esper machine to ‘see’ around the corner of a room in a photograph in the original Blade Runner looked unachievably cool in 1982 but could now be in reach.

New full body synthesis AI could be a huge step towards truly convincing deepfake video.

Qualcomm's new 5G capable Snapdragon 855 would appear to be taking mobile processing to new heights.

German start-up develops single lens that can turn any camera into a light field one.

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