Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington

Adrian has been writing about the media industry for 20 years in a wide number of leading publications. He is a longstanding member of The IBC and ISE Daily teams, International Editor for CinemaEditor, award winning film critic, conference moderator and copywriter of white papers, press releases and marketing materials for a wide range of organisations. He lives in Liverpool and absolutely loves it.

The cinema dream of the hologram promised in Star Wars, Iron Man, and Minority Report is being chased hard by numerous developers – among them Lightfield Labs and Leia Inc.

5G is going to be a huge leap over what we have now. And PC manufacturers are keen that we can do our computing at lighting speeds no matter where we are.

Sony's future might depend on a robot dog

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It’s not just traditional media that needs to reinvent itself in the face of competition from web giants. Big tech too needs a reboot if it’s to survive Silicon Valley’s hi-tech take-over and Sony is doing that with a dog.

Microsoft's huge touch screen isn't dead yet. It's back for a sequel and promises much more in the way of collaborative workflows.

It is the HD format that never really was. Yet despite its failure, the picture quality holds up even now. To what are we referring? D-VHS, the tape based HD rival to DVD. Why did it never catch on?

Adding lenses to your iPhone is not a new idea, with the convenience of using them dogged by having to attach, detach, attach each time you want a new look by which time you may as well be using a DSLR. Until now.

In one of the more surprising announcements we've heard this year, a team up between RED and Facebook has been announced, and things could now become very interesting indeed.

Philips has just beaten the competition to the first 1000-nit rated DisplayHDR monitor

SmugMug vows to refocus Flickr from clicks to community.

The headlong rush to digital has prolonged, even reinvigorated, the life of 35mm feature film, brought vinyl back into fashion and provoked a retro hankering for the tangible nature of analogue media. One of the latest to catch this wave is an attempt to wed the experience of composing with older reflex cameras with a digital output.

Film isn't dead. It just needs a new digital life. Enter the Cintel Scanner 2 from Blackmagic Design. A 35mm film scanner that can scan 4K HDR files directly into Resolve 15.

RØDE introduces the worlds first sub-$1000 ambisonic mic

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Audio is 70% of what we see, apparently. In a VR experience audio theoretically should be even more important than in standard video or film. RØDE has caught onto this with the NT-SF1, an affordable mic for recording multi-directional sound.

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