Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore

I worked for 5 and a half years for a local broadcast TV station in Northern California, and worked at Apple Inc. for 15 years.  I served for several years on a board of directors for a local Community Cable TV Foundation. I currently work as a freelance video professional doing camera work and editing for non profits and government clients in Northern California, and am also part of the team at Sacramento Video Streaming Services where I help support video software and do camera work. I also worked on the release of “Steve Jobs The Lost Interview"

Now that all cameras are capable of exceptional pictures, how do we go about defining what the best tool for the job actually is?

Into the top half of our Top Ten countdown and this opinion piece from Clayton Moore: Ahead of a significant Apple event on Thursday (this was back in October) he wondered how the company's wildly successful efforts in the consumer space could point to a future NLE resurgence and the rebirth of Final Cut Pro.

Opinion: Why Apple should jump into HDR video - and now!

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Clayton Moore argues that Apple should be implementing high dynamic range capability across its product lines (and, indeed, speculates that this may already be happening).

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