Tom Lansford

Tom Lansford

Tom Lansford is an international marketing consultant and manages the site Professional Workstation. He has been living in Europe since 1992, and previously managed workstation marketing in Europe at Nvidia. His interests include professional video, design visualization, simulation, graphics and GPU computing.

Review: The Precision 5540 has the same good looks as the previous generation. So if it looks the same, what's new? Everything else. Let's have a look.

Review: The ZBook Studio x360 looks like a typical, 15-inch mobile workstation from HP. Or so it appears until you start twisting. What are the special features and how is its performance? Let’s take a look.

Where can you get a 4096x2160 resolution, constant color calibration, and custom LUTs for a price that was unheard of in recent years? Perhaps you should check out the HP DreamColor Z31x Studio display.

Review: Small is beautiful. We can say that about many things in life. Dell looks to put the beauty of a Precision workstation into an eight-litre chassis.

Mobile or desktop, Asus is building some of the most powerful workstations on the market. It is hard to find a 4x GPU workstation or a 15” mobile workstation with a Quadro RTX 5000. Asus had both at IBC 2019.

Dell showed off some immensely powerful hardware at this year's IBC Show.

Dual-screen Premiere Pro editing and tablet virtualisation in Google Cloud? Yes, this is all possible thanks to a company called Teradici. 

The Armari team in AMD’s booth is busy setting world records and then breaking them. Sounds like a fun weekend at IBC.

What hardware do you need for editing, color-grading, and special effects? HP thinks that it has the answer, and you can see it all at IBC2019.

This might be the most powerful workstation you can buy

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Review: The dual-processor HP Z8 supports up to 56 cores, Quadro RTX graphics, 3TB of RAM and loads of storage. But is this the right kind of power for your work? Let’s take a look.

Creative professionals need to be fast, light and agile on the road. Getting projects finished while out of the office is a challenge. The Dell Precision 5530 packs plenty of power and weighs in at under 2 kg. But with the next generation online already, should you buy now or go for the new version?

With a flip-hinge on steroids, the Precision 5530 2-in-1 lives up to its convertible promise. And this 2-in-1 workstation packs some unique technology. We take a tour of the system and dig into the performance.

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