Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock has been writing about PC technology for some 20 years.

If he had a family motto it would be "You know, Windows really isn't as bad as you might think".

He has yet to own a Mac and believes that a Micro Four Thirds Panasonic is a decent camera, which just goes to show we never stop learning.

96-layer 3D NAND flash using a technology called BiCS4 means that we could probably see 1.5TB NAND-powered SSDs in about a year.

JMR unveils three new SiloStor PCI Express SSD cards

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JMR, based in Chatsworth, California has announced three new SiloStor PCI Express SSD cards billed as ideal for computer-intensive workflows, ie anything to do with video.

HP’s new external Omen Accelerator graphics dock might come from a gaming heritage but should provide a powerful boost to anyone in need of a GPU. And that includes editors.

If IBM’s new fabrication process are anything to go by, it looks like the next stages of chip development will be aiming at battery performance in mobile devices rather than out and out grunt.

Intel is going to open up access to the Intellectual Property behind Thunderbolt 3 so that the IT industry will be able to manufacture Thunderbolt 3 hardware. And that’s a good thing…sort of…

With Ryzen already making serious inroads into Intel’s market, AMD has just upped the stakes massively with the revelation of its new forthcoming 16-core Threadripper. Game on!

It is only two weeks until Computex, the annual tech jamboree in Taipei, Taiwan, where we are increasingly confident that Intel will launch Core i9 and its HEDT (High-End DeskTop) platform, Basin Falls.

More on AMD's new 8K supporting Radeon Pro Duo

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AMD has released a new version of its Radeon Pro Duo workstation graphics card that is completely different to the version launched in April 2016. 

Nvidia has been dominant in the industry for so long that it is able to charge a substantial premium for its graphics cards. That might all be about to change.

A lack of real competition in the CPU market recently has seen prices drift steadily upwards while the gloss has come off performance progress, all of which means that AMD's new Ryzen CPU has the potential to be a real game-changer and a proper challenge to Intel's hold on the desktop industry.

Leo Waldock takes a look at the latest movements in the SSD market and, while these are all from the UK which has its own economic peculiarities at the moment, the trends map onto countries around the globe.

At anywhere between $1800 and $2700 the new Razer Blade laptop isn’t cheap, but this is one of those happy times when you very much get what you pay for: it is deeply impressive.

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