Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock has been writing about PC technology for some 20 years.

If he had a family motto it would be "You know, Windows really isn't as bad as you might think".

He has yet to own a Mac and believes that a Micro Four Thirds Panasonic is a decent camera, which just goes to show we never stop learning.

eGPUs are most certainly gaining popularity. What is the state of play for eGPUs for both PCs and Macs?

If these new announcements from the SD Association are anything to go by, SD cards could become your primary storage medium.

With a recent announcement Intel are set to shake up the GPU market in a big way.

AMD decided to throw a bombshell with its anouncement that the new Threadripper CPUs will offer double the core count of the previous generation.

If the price of SSDs is frustrating, there are now some incredible offers around!

One year after the Ryzen series was first released, AMD has now launched a second gen version with improved power efficiency and clock speeds.

PNY has announced a new Quadro graphics card from Nvidia that brings the Volta graphics core to the professional market, along with a massive 32GB of HBM2 graphics memory. 

Whilst SSD prices may not be coming down, the capacity of the drives is most certainly moving ever upwards. Nimbus Data has announced a goliath new 100TB drive.

SSDs are now exceeding traditional HDDs in capacity. None more so than with Samsung's latest announcement of its huge 32TB drive. But will we see the prices of SSDs drop any time soon as a result? 

Meltdown & Spectre: Modern CPUs leak data

Published in Technology & Computing

Nearly a week on from the news of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in many of the world’s CPUs, what have we learned? And what will be the performance hit as a result?

State of play 2018: Motherboards

Published in Technology & Computing

We have seen an upheaval in the world of CPUs throughout 2017, which has huge implications for other hardware and in particular the motherboard.

2018 state of play: Storage and RAM

Published in Technology & Computing

While 2017 took great strides with technology, we haven't seen a breakthrough in the cost of memory. Leo Waldock takes a look at the state of play as we enter 2018.

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