Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock

Leo Waldock has been writing about PC technology for some 20 years.

If he had a family motto it would be "You know, Windows really isn't as bad as you might think".

He has yet to own a Mac and believes that a Micro Four Thirds Panasonic is a decent camera, which just goes to show we never stop learning.

Chip Giant Intel recently launched a range of Xeon processors for entry level workstations called E-2200 that range in price from US$193 to US$539. Wow, that sounds cheap for a Xeon.

25th November 2019 was a dramatic day as we saw both AMD and Intel launch new families of CPUs.

AMD has announced a new Professional graphics cards called Radeon Pro W5700.

Full information on the new Comet Lake processors has now been released.

AMD announces Ryzen 9 3950X

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In AMD’s Fall 2019 update we were given details about their 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X as well as the new TRX40 platform with Threadripper 3960X and 3970X. 

Intel has launched a Special Edition version of its desktop Core i9-9900K processor called Core i9-9900KS. That’s ‘S’ for Special.

Intel has delivered its Fall Desktop and Workstation briefing where the chip giant announced two closely related families of high performance processors.

AMD goes for gold with the X570 chipset. But the motherboards won't be cheap.

Intel's 10nm processors are finally here, but desktop users might have to wait.

When AMD launched their family of Ryzen 3000 CPUs, they also delivered the new X570 chipset. AMD X570 continues to support Socket AM4, just like X470 and X370, so you could be forgiven for assuming it is a tweaked and revised version of those chipsets. It isn't.

AMD did something rather peculiar at the E3 Gaming show when they announced details about the graphics cards that would use their new 7nm Navi graphics chip.

AMD has launched Ryzen 3000 with 12 cores now and 16 cores coming very soon. 

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