Roland Denning

Roland Denning

Roland Denning is an independent filmmaker and writer based in London. He was a lighting cameraman/ documentary cameraman for two decades, shooting everything from feature drama to rock promos. He still shoots when he can't afford to employ anyone else. His satirical novel, The Beach Beneath The Pavement was published in 2011.

Redshark's no stranger to wild predictions about the future! For a change, here's a measured view from Roland Denning, whose keen knowledge of the past gives poignancy to his views of the future

It was the camera that defined Kubrick, and that allowed a whole new wave of directors to create their visions with faster, creative shooting. The Arri 35 II.

Roland Denning continues his series on some of the most influential cameras ever made. This time around he take a look back at the Mitchell BNC, a camera that influenced filmmaking right up to the present day.

Cameras that changed the world – Part 1: The 1930s

Published in Production

As the march of technology continues ever onwards, Roland Denning takes a nostalgic look back at some of the most influential cameras that eventually lead us to the point we are at today.

The debate over higher resolutions tends to provoke a lot of emotional response. Roland Denning offers us his counter to the point of whether higher resolutions are inveitable. 

Olde Denning’s Almanak: Film & Video in 2018

Published in Production

After Olde Denning’s uncannily accurate predictions for 2017, published a year ago, we are proud to announce his prophecies for 2018.

Masters of Light: a classic revisited

Published in Production

 Masters of Light: Conversations with Contemporary Cinematographers is one of the most revered book releases on the subject. Roland Denning reminisces over what makes the publication such a classic.

What sort of cinematographer do you think you are?

Published in Production

As Christmas is now upon us, let's all sit back and take part in RedShark's Christmas cinematography quiz! Just what sort of cinematographer are you?


SUPER 16 — Almost gone but not quite forgotten

Published in Production

Does the S16mm film format still have a value in todays production world? Roland Denning takes a look back at the history of the Super 16mm format, and asks whether it is still a viable medium.

In part 1 of this series, Roland Denning looked at the effects the DSLR revolution had on our attitudes towards cameras. In part 2 Roland takes a look at how the DSLR revolution affected camera design and usage.

The DSLR revolution had a huge impact on the video production industry. Conventional views of what a video camera should be were turned on their head, and doors were opened, making low budget filmmaking much more accessible. But the ripples from the revolution went far and wide. Roland Denning takes us on a journey of the effects those ripples caused.

What’s so great about soft light?

Published in Production

We all love soft light, don’t we? It’s natural and flattering; hard light is old fashioned and looks artificial. And LEDs are a convenient and energy efficient source of soft light that have made most other lights obsolete, particularly if you are on a low budget. Is that all really true?

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