Roland Denning

Roland Denning

Roland Denning is an independent filmmaker and writer based in London. He was a lighting cameraman/ documentary cameraman for two decades, shooting everything from feature drama to rock promos. He still shoots when he can't afford to employ anyone else. His satirical novel, The Beach Beneath The Pavement was published in 2011.

Dell recently ran an event to show off its new Cinema features on its latest laptops. Roland Denning reports back on what he saw.

Cinema once offered the go-to experience for film viewers. Home viewing was simply not capable of matching the lure of the ultra-big screen. Today is different. Can cinema, and more to the point, systems such as IMAX, ever compete again in a world of Netflix and VR?

When it comes to immersive film experiences, there is no doubt that the bigger the screen, the better. Roland Denning takes a magical mystery tour through the very first, true big screen experiences.

You cannot trust your ears, and we can prove it

Published in Audio

Never mind Yanny or Laurel, this sound experiment is truly mind bending!

Current camera design is all wrong [opinion]

Published in Production

Is current camera design beholden to dogmatic assumptions about how things should be, or is there a better way? Roland Denning unleashes his opinion on what manufacturers should really consider when they put their digital pens to the design screen!

Digital video production is no longer reduced to technical specifications and requirements. Instead it has reached a point where good specifications are simply not enough. We now demand pictures from cameras that look anything but digital.

Betacam changed the video world

Published in Production

Until the 1980's film ruled the roost for location television work, until Sony developed its soon to be ubiquitous Betacam format. Then everything changed.

The future of VR might be live entertainment

Published in VR & AR

VR is being touted as the next big thing, but finding a way to win people over in ways that 3D could not is a challenge. But combining VR with live entertainment is proving to be an audience winner. Could VR's future lie in 'Immersive performances'? 

Roland Denning takes a good look at Zoom's matchbox sized Zoom F1-LP audio recorder, a recorder that can be used easily on small cameras, and as an alternative solution to traditional radio mics.

Redshark's no stranger to wild predictions about the future! For a change, here's a measured view from Roland Denning, whose keen knowledge of the past gives poignancy to his views of the future

16mm film cameras ushered in a new era of cinematography and use in television. Roland Denning examines the most influential cameras of this time, including his beloved Aaton.

Roland Denning continues his look back at cameras that changed the filmmaking world. This time it's the turn of the seminal Arri 35BL.

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