Kevin Luiz

Kevin Luiz

Kevin Luiz is a cinematographer that has been working in the field of film and television since 2008. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Kevin departed the midwest and went on to work for a number of industry leading films in the art department. His love for movie making however translated to the camera and Kevin went on to study for a number of years under master level photographer Mark Medeiros. Since then, Kevin has had the opportunity to travel abroad capturing the sights and sounds for guided tour operators and stock video houses alike. Kevin's true passion now lies in his commercial agency Capion Studio where his team specializes in nation wide TV ads, viral campaigns, corporate branding and aerial video services. Kevin joins RedShark to share his experiences with the latest equipment and to give back to the community he loves.

Around Ireland with a 3DR Solo

Published in Production

Kevin Luiz of Capion Studio returns from his trip to Ireland with a few stories and some selections of his 3DR Solo aerial footage, shot on a GoPro.

3DR and a host of third parties update the Solo

Published in Production

Firmware updates, Flir, 360, mapping cameras, lidar/optical flow sensor, power tether, even a parachute… 3DR’s supremely adaptable Solo drone has been busy of late.

3DR Solo Firmware v2.0: The Evolving Quadcopter

Published in Production

A look at the recent update for the 3DR Solo quadcopter, which expands its filmmaking functionality.

Is the 3DR Solo the most adaptable drone yet?

Published in Production

The 3DR Solo has evolved from an interesting yet buggy newcomer in the drone market to become a versatile and reliable performer. And there may be more to come.

Panasonic 4K tech lets you change focus in post

Published in Production

If you’ve purchased a Panasonic mirrorless camera (GX8, G7, FZ300, GH4) within the past year or so, there is a good chance you’ll be able to reap the benefits of some clever new technology that allows you to adjust focus after shooting. (By Kevin Luiz &  RedShark News Staff)

Leica goes mirrorless with the Leica SL

Published in Production

We take a look at Leica's new mirrorless shooter, the $7500 Leica SL, and consider what the camera's support of Panasonic's V-Log L curve means for the future.

Panasonic GH4 Anamorphic mode in low light scenes

Published in Production

Flickering Hearts: Kevin Luiz of Capion Studio extends his exploration of the Panasonic GH4's anamorphic mode, this time taking us into low light territory.

Do you have a micro four-thirds system and a desire to shoot with video-oriented lenses? Is your budget on the smaller side, but forgiving enough to invest in a nice set of cine prime glass? If you answered "yes" and "yes," today is your lucky day, because a modest startup by the name of Veydra may have answered your prayers.

Kevin Luiz takes a deep dive into Red Giant's popular Magic Bullet and Shooter Suites, profiles their respective toolsets and gives some thoughts on workflow and usage.

Magic Bullet Looks - RedShark Review including video

Published in Post & VFX

In the first of a two-part series, RedShark News Contributor Kevin Luiz explores the current incarnation of Red Giant's popular Magic Bullet Looks, the colour-grading centerpiece of the Magic Bullet Suite.

Magic Lantern managed to extract raw video from Canon DSLRs, resulting in some wonderful-looking footage. Now the same thing seems to be happening to Nikon cameras via another camera hacking group. This looks like it could be big news.

After handling the camera and talking with the reps onhand at NAB 2015, Kevin Luiz gives us a fresh take on the upcoming Leica S Type 007 and why the $25K shooter could be a budget-friendly option for some users.

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