Rakesh Malik

Rakesh Malik

Rakesh’s exploration into photography began with a trip to the Grand Canyon. The grandeur of the place inspired him to capture and share his experiences. Such grand places required a grand vision, so Rakesh began working with large format film cameras, which he continues to favor for his fine art stills. His love of travel and adventure have lead Rakesh to visit exotic and varied places, from cities such as Kiev and Ronda to wild places like the Serengeti, the Alaskan tundra, the Pampas of Patagonia, and even to lofty heights such as the summits of Mounts Kilimanjaro and Rainier. Lately, in spite of continuing to make captivating still images with film and digital cameras, Rakesh has been applying his photographic skills to motion pictures. While still striving to convey a story with each individual frame, he longer has the limitation of being bound to a single form to tell the story.


AMD has revealed details of the EPYC2 processor lineup, and it looks... epic.Using TSMC's 7nm process and incorporating an updated version of AMD's Infinity Fabric, it's yet another technological tour de force that's going to get a lot of attention at nearly every tier.

Blender 2.8 is here, and it's a significant update

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There's been a lot of anticipation surround the 2.8 version of Blender, even though it retains the usual innocuous point release nomenclature.

At SIGGRAPH 2018, NVIDIA revealed its Turing GPU architecture with its new ray tracing extensions and also bringing Volta's Tensor cores to the mainstream.

We take a look at HP's ZBook 15 mobile workstation and find out how it measures up as a mobile editing platform.

After Lisa Hsu's announcement at Computex, there's been a lot of anticipation about what AMD's Zen 2 processors will bring to the table. Here are some of the highlights for the new line set for release on July 7th.

NVIDIA announted its RTX Studio initiative at Computex this year. Its goal is to drive a new generation of laptop computers that are suitable for high end creative work.

New processors from AMD, including a 12-core Ryzen that is not only fast, but very power efficient and with a very surprising price.

Nikon has not been a name that would inspire anyone to think of “movies” in years. Nikon wants to change that.

Assimilate shows off demos of Scratch 9.1

Published in Post & VFX

Though Assimilate is no longer the big name that it was before Blackmagic Design so thoroughly disrupted the colour grading marketplace, it's still developing new features in Scratch.

We all know Mount Shasta as the Cascades range’s biggest stratovolcano. Contrary to popular belief, Shasta actually dwarfs the mighty Mount Rainier. So it’s an appropriate name for Cray’s latest computer.

Intel's new proposed Xe architecture shows that the company is getting very serious about graphics.

The future looks very good for Boris FX

Published in Post & VFX

We take a look at some of the major new features in the forthcoming Boris FX update

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