Mark Ramshaw

Mark Ramshaw

Mark has been pushing pixels for 34 years in one form or another. He started out as a games programmer and computer book author, before going on to edit and write for a wide range of film, technology, arts and music magazines - interviewing everyone from Ray Harryhausen and H.R. Giger to Gareth Edwards and Terry Gilliam along the way.

Homer Alone: The Simpsons goes live with Adobe

Published in Post & VFX

Now in its 22nd season, The Simpsons has made history once again, with a sequence billed as world’s first live animation event incorporated into its most recent episode.

From cameras on: the tools you need to make VR

Published in VR & AR

As VR tips over into the mainstream, the tools necessary for serious virtual world and experience building are finally emerging. From cameras to editing kit, Mark Ramshaw details what’s available.

It's grainy, it's not even very polished, but the company promises it's real: fresh postings from the $8 billion-funded augmented reality lab at Magic Leap lend further credence to the belief that what is up to in secret may truly represent one giant leap.

Make It So: Microsoft makes the Holodeck a reality

Published in VR & AR

As HoloLens development edition kits finally begins to ship, Microsoft offers a glimpse of our augmented reality future with the unveiling of its Holoportation system.

Alongside 4K videos composites of time-lapse Earth shots and Ultra HD footage of experiments with bubbles in Zero-G, the ISS crew has also been playing around with long-exposure photography, to stunning effect.

Two new technologies for delivering realistic and real-time facial capture, retargeting and rendering are at once game-changing and a little frightening.

Pixar readies RenderMan 21

Published in Post & VFX

Pixar’s RenderMan team continues to build on the foundations of its revitalised industry standard renderer, with version 21 now in beta.

The AR/VR bandwagon gathers momentum, with investment topping $1.1 billion in the first two months of 2016. And now  Sony will officially join the fray in October.

GoPro goes ‘4D’ with Timeslice

Published in Post & VFX

Pioneering bullet time company Timeslice introduces ‘4D’ 360 degree video scanning, with a little help from 53 GoPro cameras.

How to make a music video in zero-G

Published in Production

The weight is over for the latest effort from OK Go, famed purveyors of mindbending, achingly choreographed and sometimes groundbreaking music videos.

Oscar season reveals some stunning vfx work

Published in Post & VFX

Awards season is almost upon us and as far as visual effects work goes, the American Academy and British BAFTA voters are broadly in agreement. Here are some suitably stunning breakdowns...

Aardman goes on a journey inside Stephen Hawking's head

Published in Post & VFX

Hawking’s Bizarre: Black holes, thermodynamics and radiation get the MTV treatment, with a short film that sees Professor Stephen Hawking and Aardman make beautiful music together.

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